The Moon is waxing this week – growing bigger in the night sky every day until she reaches her climax on Friday – Good Friday. This is the culmination of energy that has been growing since the Aries New Moon a couple weeks ago. As a result, this is a week when we are growing our ideas, our riches, and our emotions. Don’t be surprised as the emotional tide swells to a high point by the end of the week. Truth is revealed and people are starting to howl!

On Monday, the Virgo Moon keeps us steady and level-headed. Logic and analysis rule the day. It is a time to get things in order and stay grounded. Notice your habits on the micro level and see how they are contributing to long-term outcomes.

Be careful that you don’t become too critical of yourself or of others on Tuesday. It is easy to point fingers but really, is that doing anyone any good? Remember that people’s actions are their karma, but your reaction to them is your karma. Take it easy and be supportive. Lend a helping hand instead of a negative eye.

The Libra Moon on Wednesday is calling for balance. We need peace. There is a call for justice. Ask how you can right the scales. Clearly there is something out of place or out of position. Don’t pretend that you don’t notice it. Do what you can to make things fair and even. You may need to make a sacrifice yourself. In the long run, you will see that this sacrifice is good for everybody in the end. Equality is the name of the game.

Beautify your house, yourself and your workplace on Thursday. This is a good day to buy some flowers and redecorate your bedroom. Add accessories that bring out the beauty in a space or person. A little extra effort to look nice goes a long way. People notice appearances. Furthermore, you can help beautify and improve a space through the power of sound, the naad. Do you have a space in your home devoted to your sadhana? Do you have an altar set up? How dusty are the small figurines sitting there? This is a good time to improve the energy of the space and revitalize your practice.

Looking for a CD of Aquarian chants to inspire your morning meditation? Consider Jaskaran’s beautiful heartfelt album, “Sings Glorious Praises.” Jaskaran’s rich voice and colorful instrumentation is the perfect way to start your day, anchoring yourself in the vibration of truth, sat nam.

Friday is the Full Moon, exact in the morning hours. For the rest of the day, notice the spike in emotional intensity as the Moon enters Scorpio, the sign of extremes. Truth is revealed and not everyone is happy about it. Don’t be afraid of going deep into taboo issues that are normally not talked about. This is a time to get to the root of the issue.

The big news on Saturday is the Sun’s entrance into the fixed Earth sign, Taurus. For the next four weeks we are under the influence of the Taurus Sun, asking us to slow down and relax. Enjoy the comforts of good food and pleasant surroundings. It is a time to indulge the five senses. Take a spa day – or two! Enjoy bubble baths and long walks through the woods. Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Spend time in the garden. It is a time to get grounded.  

The Moon is void-of-course on Sunday morning, asking you to sleep in and not make any major plans or decisions during this time. This Sunday is also Easter Sunday, so enjoy egg hunts, food and other festivities with friends and family. At noon EST (9am PST), the Moon is back “online” and our sense of direction and intuition returns. For the rest of the day, the Sagittarius Moon presides, reminding us to stay light and to uplift the people around us. It is a time to elevate. Our thoughts turn to higher learning, philosophy and religion. Take note of where you are on your spiritual path and renew your commitment to teachings that are important to you.

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