The Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for April 10 – 16, 2017:

The Full Moon is upon us! Monday night marks the exact time of the Libra Full Moon — when the Aries Sun is exactly opposite the Libra Moon, highlighting the polarity between war and peace. We are juggling the needs of ourselves versus the needs of our partnerships.

Look at the ways in which we might be giving so much of ourselves to our partners that we are losing ourselves as individuals. Conversely, we may be so focused on our own needs that we are neglecting the needs of our partnerships.

Full Moons are times when emotional energy is highest. People and their egos are exposed. Truth is revealed and information (and true feelings!) are out in the open for all to see and feel. This is a time to bring balance and equality to situations that have notoriously been one-sided.

For the rest of the week, the Moon is waning, suggesting that she will be rising later and and slightly smaller each night. Our own energy is waning as well. It is a good time to look for kriyas and meditations that are more mellow and inward-focused as opposed to those that are more rigorous and physically demanding.

Look to the beautifully arranged book KRIYA for just the kinds of sets and meditations that you are looking for. Pranayamas such as “Managed Energy Meditation” and “Meditation for Spiritual Stamina” are perfect examples of things to add to your practice this week. “Three Meditations for the Heart Center” along with a “Kriya for the Glands, Circulation and the Meditative Mind” are also good choices.

On Tuesday, start early and accomplish what is most important during the beginning of the day. At 2:19pm EST (11:19am PST) the Moon goes void-of-course, at which point you should suspend making any major decisions or plans. Instead, stick to routine tasks. Our intuition is off and it feels as if we have lost all sense of direction. It isn’t until 6:42pm EST (3:42pm PST) that we are “back in the saddle” again.

There is an emotional intensity to the day on Wednesday. People have their stingers out and they aren’t afraid to use them. People are going to extremes. Something you said or did in the past may creep up and haunt you today. Instead of avoiding the issues, it is best to deal with them head on. Get to the core of the matter. Get to the heart of the situation.

Thursday is a day to do things with passion. Finish the job. Summon the intense emotional energy within yourself and get it done. See things through to completion. You have a strong drive today. Use it.

The Sagittarius Moon on Friday brings a light, optimistic feeling. Let yourself shine and be the lighthouse. Your job is to uplift and inspire – even more than ever. If you are feeling a bit uninspired yourself, flip to a spiritual book of wisdom or quotes from a respected to teacher to gain insight and inspiration. Seek out a class this evening, or an event that brings together like-minded individuals who are striving to reach greater spiritual awareness.

Venus goes direct on Saturday, suggesting that if you have been holding back on your wedding plans, wait no longer. You are now in the clear to tie the knot. With Venus back in forward motion, relationship are on the up and up! This is a good time to re-establish a healthy dialogue with the one you love and really get your relationship back in working order.

This Sunday is Easter Sunday – with a festive, optimistic feeling in the air thanks to the Moon in fiery Sagittarius. Remember that fire is the element of transformation. Look to ways in which you can mutate negative energy into positive energy. Take any situation and move it from darkness into the light. Whatever emotion you have, morph it into love.

At 2:26pm EST (11:26am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course at which point we should avoid making any big plans or decisions. For approximately the next five hours during this mid-day period, keep conversations light and don’t worry if people seem a little off. This is to be expect.



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