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It seems that no matter where you look these days, what is going on in our world demands our immediate attention – and even more than it – our immediate action. The time for being a passive observer has come to an end. If you are like me, you might be wondering what you can do be a part of change that is so desperately needed. We all have very busy lives that require our full time energy and attention – and leaves little room for any extracurricular activities, much less being able to participate in a peaceful protest of any kind.

15241780_10153802392676887_8894855974131688685_nI have personally struggled deeply from my soul with what is going on at Standing Rock. My heart yearns to be with the water protectors – to be present for what I believe is the most powerful protest for the health of our planet that I have ever seen in my lifetime. It embodies so much more than what we see on the surface.
It is the classic David verses Goliath. It is those that are the least powerful in terms of money and status standing up against the biggest and most powerful amongst us – those that make massive profits from big oil.
It is a reminder of our history that is coming full circle right before our very eyes – and it is asking to be healed. We saw our own veterans coming to the aid of the water protectors, and asking for forgiveness for the blood that was shed so many years ago as our descendants fought to take land from the Native Americans at any cost.
tipiIt is a calling for us to reconnect with our earth. This precious gift that we walk upon every single day without a second thought. This planet that provides everything we need in order to live a healthy and satisfying life – earth, air, fire, water, food, medicine, companionship…it’s all here for us and yet we do not walk softly up it. We trample it and allow it to be abused so that we can live our comfortable lives and continue consuming without any thought of the future. The Native Americans can teach us how to walk softly again, if we are willing to listen.
And ultimately, it is a battle for life. We simply cannot survive without clean water. And our water supply is in danger. In 2016 alone, there were more than 220 “significant” leaks reported. Ironically, 176,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Ash Coulee Creek, about 150 miles north of Standing Rock in December. Pipelines carrying fossil fuels have repeatedly shown to be unsafe, expensive, detrimental to our environment, and to our health.
So here we are at a crucial turning point in our lives. That which has been bubbling up below the surface is now exposed and demanding our attention. So many are answering the call, but the needs are great.
W166The Water Protectors have vowed to stay at Standing Rock, and winter is here. Those that fight for us need us to stand in solidarity with them. Imagine camping for one week in a North Dakota winter – what would it take to stay alive and healthy? We must help provide the necessary funds to keep help keep them going for as long as it takes to win the battle for Standing Rock.
The holidays are a time of giving. We give gifts to our families, our friends, our coworkers – the spirit of giving is alive – it feels amazing to give a gift from our hearts. The Sat Nam Foundation has a gift for you: the opportunity to give a gift, and to receive a gift, all at the same time.
Kirtan Aid Standing Rock: Support for the Water Protectors has brought together the most incredible musicians in the world to offer 2.5 hours of music that will elevate and inspire you. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Water Protectors, so you can rest assured that your gift is making a difference.
We are so grateful to the musicians who have offered their music to support this cause. We know that the music you receive for your donation will serve you throughout your life.
Thank you for being the change.

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