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Keeping a yoga journal is an important part of expanding my awareness during my Kundalini yoga practice.  By writing down my intentions for each practice, and logging my yoga and meditation experiences, I hope to identify wanted and unwanted thinking and behaviors.  I want to get the most out of the time that I devote to my daily practice, and I want to be able to recognize when I am making progress or getting the results that I seek.


Some of the reasons why keeping a yoga journal is an effective tool:
Meditation and yoga releases emotions.  A yoga journal helps me process feelings so that I don’t carry around worry, fear, anger, or resentment.  The terrific thing about meditation is that I am processing difficult emotions on my time rather than throughout the day when I’m trying to focus on other things.  My yoga journal is a good place to process things that have been bothering me.  Now that I’ve identified uncomfortable emotions during meditation, I can purge those feelings and release them onto paper.  Later, if those subjects still bother me, I have my journal to refer to as I confer with someone else about them.

I want something to help me continue my practice during times when I am not very motivated.  My yoga journal helps me identify what I’m grateful for so that I may keep a positive perspective during challenging times.  It is much easier to quit than to keep up, and by identifying what I appreciate, I avoid falling into a trap of getting discouraged when I don’t recognize results fast enough.


Writing in my yoga journal helps build accountability.  When there is something that bothers me, there is always something wrong with me – not others.  My yoga journal helps me identify what my role is in every life experience.


A yoga journal assists me in identifying the habits that block me.  Deeper still, I can learn to discover the causes and conditions that manifest my habits, and then I have the choice to keep the habits I want, and discard the habits that no longer help me to become the person that I want to become.


Journaling helps me identify and reinforce the progress that I make and to set goals.  This is probably the clearest way to recognize my forward progress, since I can literally turn back pages in my yoga journal to find out what I was thinking, feeling, and doing at any point in time.


Whether I write in my yoga journal upon awakening, after sadhana, before meditation or following meditation, or any time something good happens, I am identifying, solidifying, reinforcing, and purging my experiences for a more happy, healthful present.

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