We are living in a very complicated time. A lot of changes are taking place, and many people are experiencing personal shifts in their lives. In the video,”Living From The Heart”,  Karena Virginia tells us that now is the time to live in the heart. “We are being called to drop into our heart. In the heart, fear can’t live, resentment can’t live, jealousy can’t survive, and anger just dissolves.”

Karena goes on to say that when we experience changes in life, anguish surfaces because deep wounds long to be healed. It is during these profound times that living in the heart and coming from a space of gratitude and love will move us forward through fear and guide us home. “The heart is where the soul longs to be. When love is present, the lower vibrations don’t live. My prayer for you is that you know how loved you are so you can be vessel for love.”

Join Karena Virginia and her good friend Simrit Kaur on a kundalini yoga and sacred sound retreat in Playa Secreto, Mexico this winter! Find more information here.


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