The month of June brings a time of deep introspection, and an intensified longing for relationships that will last. The previous month of May brought so much change and upheaval to the planet and people’s lives, that we are now searching for the missing pieces to bring things back together again. An emotional type of super-glue would be in order, if such a thing existed. The real answer lies in just letting go. As a humanity we are being shaken by the roots to let go of our entrenched karmic patterns. These patterns often go back for generations. Whether it is our relationships, livelihood, or self concept, everything is being challenged. This is so we can make the necessary adjustments to establish a harmonious flow of existence which can be maintained through the times ahead.

The energy hitting planet Earth is only going to intensify as we approach the 12-21-2012 cosmic time-clock transition date. We must stream-line our lives and let go now, or the emotional burden and dead weight of the past will sink us like a stone. June gives us the time and space to go deep within and sort out the wheat from the chaff. This will be affecting most of us in the area of relationships, and every significant relationship in our lives will be under examination.

A tree remains most healthy and strong when it is pruned once or twice a year. Now is the time to clear from our lives that which is toxic or ineffective. This will create space for the fresh and new, which will be coming through in a powerful and positive blast of energy in July. Clear the rain gutters now, so you will be able to guide and catch the flow of abundance which is just around the corner. A good way to prepare and magnetize yourself for this special energy is to chant the Mool Mantra. The Mool Mantra is the “root mantra”; that from which everything grows. It balances the 108 elements, and gives you a grounded and safe path to travel in life. I especially like the version of this mantra by Kirtan Singh and Simran Kaur, it has a rolling and rhythmic meter that sustains you and is easy to chant along with. Gold star on this mantra CD. With all of the chaos on the planet we need a grounding frequency of safety so our well intentioned plans can come to fruition.

Mool Mantra and Wahe Guru by Simran Kaur Khalsa

You may have the most beautiful sailboat to cross the world ocean of life, but without an accurate compass you may end up at the wrong destination. Greek mythology speaks of the “Sirens,” which are the beautiful mermaids who call out to the lonely sailors with their enchanting voices, luring them to steer the ship to their island. Unfortunately, they are an entity with no conscience, and the sailor who is seduced by their call ends up getting smashed on the rocks and losing everything.

We are presently in “All or Nothing” times. A small slip-up can cost a lot, more than in previous times. People will try to throw their illusions of who they are at you, and it requires a very discerning Neutral Mind, supported by the Subtle Body, to read between the lines and decipher the fine print. Once I bought a jar of olives whose label read “Absolutely No Pits!” Oh great I thought, I won’t even have to think about running into one of those dangerous pits. Well, while eating the marvelous salad I made, featuring pitless olives, I was about to bite down on a mouthful of arugula, red onion, and olives, when something said, “Stop!” Thank God I listened, because on further exploration I discovered an olive…..with a pit! Depending on your bite, it could have been disastrous. So my dear friends and colleagues, be aware that what the label reads may not be entirely accurate, and you need to be your own spiritual insurance policy.

With the number 5 at the helm of this year (2+0+1+2=5), we are all up for intense and sometimes unexpected change. This can create loss, however loss is really just an illusion. You are actually gaining space for that which is healthier and more sustainable. The only thing we really own in this world is our Soul. When our Soul is supported by the sound current of Infinity, anything is possible.

In the beautiful song “Southern Cross”, Stephen Stills sings of lost love and gaining the will to have a bright vision of the future. He sings,“ I have my ship, and all her flags are a flyin’. She is all that I have left, and music is her name.” As the children of the Aquarian Age, we have the Shabad Guru, in the form of mantra and music, to carry us across the world ocean of life. It is enough, it is more than enough to turn the illusion of misfortune into a clear and protected path of spiritual destiny. As Yogi Bhajan has said,

“God is everywhere, waiting for you to call. His area code is His mantra. And it is to be remembered, it is to be remembered, it is to be remembered. It is to be chanted inside your heart, your mind, your body. Later on, God will come through and work for you.”

Yogi Bhajan, 4-23-97

Numerology as Taught by Yogi Bhajan

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