At the start of every month, I look forward to reading the Power Path School of Shamanism forecast that outlines the main themes for the month ahead. I am not, personally, very experienced in the ways of Shamanism but I find the information completely applicable to my life and yogic approaches. These forecasts are always right on and I am grateful to see something that gives context for what I am experiencing, but can’t always identify myself. This month it spoke to the non-specific anxiety that is hanging around and the pairing of crisis and opportunity. Great transformation is possible but often it unfolds in the wake of an intense breaking apart of what we have previously known and been attached to. It is extra important to take good care of the physical body and stay rooted in a practice that connects us to Spirit. I’m seeing this in my own life and in the lives of those around me so I am putting specific attention towards yogic practices that can help us cope with the themes of this month in a balanced way.

Lena Stevens, who writes the Power Path forecasts, mentioned that “in general the physical aspects of the body that may complain this month are digestion, colon, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, lungs and lower back .” Kundalini Yoga offers lots of kriyas that work on these systems. In the Owner’s Manual for the Human Body, you will find sets such as Colon Cleanser, Let the Liver Live, Toning the Kidneys, Strengthening the Stomach and numerous other sets that would be specifically helpful.

Sat Kriya is a very effective practice for taking us through periods of growth and change. People probably get tired of hearing me recommend Sat Kriya all the time but it is just so good for so many things, that I can’t help it. It is great for processing emotional baggage and raising our energy. Whether things are shifting faster than you can keep up with or you are feeling stagnant and wanting change, a daily practice of Sat Kriya is your friend. Just be sure to relax afterwards and give your body a chance to integrate the work you’ve done. (I mentioned Sat Kriya recently in a previous post on Staying Sane in a Sea of Change, which also includes other applicable practices that are not mentioned here.)

Overall, this planet and all living things on it, are in need of love, consciousness, and healing intention. Doing healing meditations using the Ra Ma Da Sa chant is a beautiful way to connect with the consciousness of the heart and send out healing energy to all who need it. Especially when we feel overwhelmed by the intensity of destructive processes around us and unsure of what to do to help, this is a comforting practice for our own emotional states and a positive, loving action to take.

Any practice that connects you with your Spirit is deeply important. If the story of our planet is getting intense for you, don’t despair. Remember that opportunity and transformation comes out of the fires of destruction. Hold to your spiritual practice – whatever it may be – and do it every day for your Self and for all of us.

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