The month of July invites us to forge ahead in the direction of our greater goals, dreams and aspirations. There is a star of good fortune over all new ventures that help to raise the vibration of the planet and people’s lives. Whether you choose to start a recycling business, an organic tea and coffee shop, or teach a meditation class, the stars are aligning for success, growth, and expansion.

The number 12 appears in the Base calculation ( month of 7 + overall year of 5 = 12) for July, and 12 is the number of tribes. We will be connecting at a super magnetized speed with others of a similar mental, emotional, and spiritual persuasion. This connective current will help bring people together to form new relationships that will serve a variety of purposes. Many of us are eager and long overdue for a positive connection which will allow us to venture into new territory that previously we may not have felt comfortable exploring on our own. “There’s strength and safety in numbers!” I always say, and now is the time to co-align with your spiritual help mates. Yogi Bhajan has said that we need to work within the “collective pool of intelligence” in order to create something beyond what our personal means or abilities can accomplish. Like a jig-saw picture puzzle of a windmill by a stream, everyone has a place, if they want it, in co-creating the future reality.

Some people are concerned that the world will end on 12-21-2012. It is absolutely not going to end in the sense of some catastrophic global event. That’s for TV and the movies! However, if you are a keen observer of life, you may have noticed that many people’s previous lives are ending, figuratively speaking. Whether it be a divorce, loss of job, health crisis, or other real life drama, it can feel like the end of the world. Of course it isn’t the end of the world, it is just our perception of reality that can bend our emotions in a way that is very painful.

When highway engineers are planning a new road through mountainous terrain, they will sometimes choose to blast through a section of the mountain in order for the road to be level and more efficient for travel. You can always tell when this has happened, as you will notice the horizontal lines of rock sediment on either side of the road as you drive through what was previously part of the mountain landscape. Many of us are now experiencing intense upheaval in our lives, a “blasting through” effect that can be quite unsettling. What we thought was permanent or reliable has evaporated, and we are struggling to find our footing and equilibrium. It may not seem fair, and you could find yourself asking the question, “Why me, I’m a good person?” This is actually the wrong question to the real answer, which is, “You are a good person, and you are being shifted into “warp speed karmic clearing overdrive” in order to clear the way for yourself and those who will follow.” There is an element of sacrifice to this, and the word sacrifice comes from the Latin word “sacrificium”, which means “to make sacred”. I personally think it would be quite lovely to have all that is spiritual be experienced by sitting on a puffy white cloud in purple robes chanting mantras all day. That sounds quite perfect to me! However, humanity desperately needs those of us who are a few steps further along on the path to enlightenment to be present and available in the world. Lucky you and me!

Number 5, which is the overall number for 2012, represents spiritual sacrifice. The ability to sacrifice with grace requires an extra dimension of spiritual strength. Where will you find this strength? The best way is to generate it from within. Then the final result is real and without resentment. There are two things you can do for yourself from now til the end of the year to have the cutting edge of strength required to face the energetic shifts on planet Earth. One is 11 minutes a day of Sat Kriya, and the other is 11 minutes of the “Long Ek Ong Kar” mantra. This dynamic duo of cosmic energy will sustain you, come what may. Just 22 minutes a day, and you’ll be OK!

"Long Ek Ong Kar" on Amrit Vela by Snatam Kaur

The number 7 of this month (July) represents the Water Element, and everything connected to water will require an extra level of caution. This means don’t let the pressure cooker full of split peas cook too long, or you may find them all over the ceiling. If you are planning a road trip, don’t try to cross the Mojave Desert at high noon with a low level of coolant in the radiator. Play it safe if you are in a flash flood zone, you don’t need to drive to the 7-11 at midnight for doughnuts if it’s pouring rain outside. Wait til the next morning when it’s safe to drive, and your blood sugar has balanced out.

As I often like to say, “It’s not beware, it’s be aware.” An extra dimension of conscious awareness is required from now until 12-21-2012. This expanded awareness, bountifully available through our spiritual practice, is the cornerstone of safety, security and stability in these times. Yogi Bhajan has stated that there are two lines to our final destination, the Fate Line, and the Destiny Line. The distance is the same, however the experience of the journey can be vastly different. In this second half of 2012 let’s make a conscious effort to link up with our Destiny Line and walk in grace with our spiritual helpmates and tribal members. It’s a far happier journey when we feel included and connected to those who speak our language, as we hold a space of prayer in our hearts for each other. I am praying for you too.

Much love, always.

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“When life is applied, life is supplied by God”

Yogi Bhajan

Numerology as Taught by Yogi Bhajan

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