Recently I’ve been very focused on paying attention to what my body needs. Feeling into the sensations and seeing what arises from my memories has been and continues to be a beautiful awakening. Through this experience, I’ve been able to consciously see where I’ve been holding onto old beliefs, memories and limitations. This awareness continues to serve my yogic path: uniting all part of me and letting of the parts that no longer serve.

I’ve been told over and again how much wisdom there is in the body; plain and simple: ‘the body always knows’. These words are simple but living them out in trust takes time. At the beginning I had many questions. How does the body know? If the body knows, how is it going to tell me? And when it tells me, how do I learn it’s language so I can decipher it’s messages? Even if I figure out the messages, how do I then know what it needs?

Confused about where to go next, I started listening to myself using a whole different sensing system. It became one of my quests to script my own personal users manual designed for my body, mind and soul.

I learned to be guided by the sensations and voices within. In doing so, I created a safe space for all pieces of me to integrate, communicate and co-exist. A dance, pulsing throughout all of me with a vision of living a life aligned, centered and harmonious. I dreamt of living a fearless and courageous life where inner trust navigated me towards the unknown with ease.

But where to start? That was a tough question to answer. With so many parts of me to explore I wasn’t sure where to go first. I knew I had an innate belief system towards holistic healing practices so I decided to start there.

After exploring multiple body workers, energy healers, counsellors and holistic therapies I gained access to a whole realm of non-traditional information about the physical, emotional and subtle body. I cherish all these schools of thought and am honoured by the practitioners who’ve guided me towards a new understanding of my own being.

By embracing new practices I started to identify and release trauma, repressed energy and old beliefs  I didn’t even know I was carrying. These practices shift my perspective over and again. They allow me to connect to something greater than what I consider to be my “self”.

I found myself creating a support network and community I’d never had before consisting of people and tools helping me heal, grow and evolve. I believe it is these practices that will be the saving grace in creating a world that is free of fear, suffering and pain.

kirtan kriya

Try This! Meditations for Transformation: Kirtan Kriya by Nirinjan Kaur

One of the most profound practices I’ve connected with however, is the practice of yoga. For the past 6 years, I’ve dedicated nearly part of every single one of my days watching, observing, witnessing and shifting my mind, body and soul. It’s where I land most mornings after rolling out of bed so I can find a deeper connection with myself and the world.

I have found the kundalini meditation Kirtan Kriya to help me understanding the cycles of my body, my life & of creation overall. From the Infinite comes life, from life comes death or change. From death or change comes the re-birth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life. You can learn more about this meditation here.

The more I turn to my mat, the more I’m able to tune into myself. The more I tune into myself, the more I can release all that needs to be released giving me space to create a more aligned version of myself.

My mat tells me stories, it gives me space and holds me up. I make friends with my mat while I create new stories and starve other stories. It’s where I can collapse in tears, sit in silence or stand in my deepest power. My mat connects me to the lies I tell myself and forgives me when I admit the truth. My mat is my friend and my foe, my lover and my enemy, my kingdom and sometimes even my hell.

But the greatest thing my mat is to me, is that it is my mirror. It reflects my light as much as it reflects my shadow. And as my practice and my life pulse from each extreme, I am learning to flow with what is present in it’s entirety.

The body knows what it wants because it wants to heal. That is it’s life mission, it’s purpose and it’s passion. As the body heals, the soul is free to live out it’s truth; it’s destiny.

One breath in. One breath out.

Sat Nam and big love,


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