It’s been a long time since I celebrated a proper New Year’s Eve. But this year, something felt different. My heart was craving to be part of a thoughtful, meaningful celebration honouring a higher consciousness and a vision to unite with like-minded souls for a relevant purpose.

I know that’s a mouthful. But it was what what guided me to seek out something inspiring! And inspiration was indeed what I found.

The day before NYE I found myself with three girlfriends packed up into car driving 5 hours down to Portland, OR to participate in a 2016 celebration called Inspire Truth.

That’s right. Inspire Truth. Sat Nam!

Even now as I say the words out loud…inspire truth…my heart opens, my eyes get dreamy and every cell in my body vibrate.

Double Sat Nam!

What a perfect intention for this year. What a perfect intention for every day. Every moment. Every breath!

Inspire truth! My new theme for 2016!

As I watch the days fall away from the eve of January 1st, 2016 I continue to feel a strong desire to carve out ways to inspire truth in my life. Old beliefs, pattern and emotions are surfacing and falling way. Space is being created through conversation, community, co-creation, retreats, ceremony, gatherings and dreaming.

I sense a sweet silence watching old paradigms tumble away leaving the core of my essence standing naked.

In this nakedness I see strength within structure. I see peace within power. I see direction within limitless possibilities.

I see it’s time to rebuild all that is tumbling to the ground so that what really matters, what is really important is provided for, is protected and is forever recognized as the source to all of the above.

A place where what I feel and expand into becomes the very thing I am here to be AND do. It becomes the destination. Life is cherished and valued as a living praying with healing grace.

There’s personal responsibility and accountability for all that life brings. I see new maps being created, new user manuals, new rituals and new ceremonies.

But most importantly, I see new beliefs.

Self directing instead of looking for outside approval.

Showing up as I am instead of taking on what others think.

Playing big at the expense of a higher truth instead of staying small afraid that my power will hurt someone.

Owning all that I am instead of overcorrecting trying to make myself appear right.

I see the world moving through me and a reflection of me becoming the world. A new world that inspires truth! A world that evolves and grows as we are meant to.

A world that encourages myself and others to follow our hearts, not our egos. Not our pride. And definitely not our fears.

Our hearts.

The clearing is the journey. Trusting the process and the lessons. Feeling the pains. Realizing the gains.

My inspiration comes from surrounding myself with like-minded people and people who are 5 steps ahead of me. Promising to only have conversations that heal and are truthful. Making an impact! Choosing to participate in spiritually focused events and activities that create an open mind, expansion and honours love. Making it a personal goal to breathe deeper, stay present and tell myself I am enough.

Doing all these things help me create new stories that connect me to my higher Self. They help me shine a light on what I really am and support me to release it out to the world.

Because I want to snuggle up to my purpose. My calling. My path. I want to satisfy this hunger to just. Be. Me. I want to reign from that pillar of strength that fuels all of life’s endeavours.


Meditate to Jai-Jagdeesh’s version of “Aad Guray Namay” from the CD “Meditations for Transformation: The Expansive Spirit.”

One meditation I like to do to help protect what is inside me is the Protection and Projection meditation using the Aad Guray Namay mantra. This meditation builds the arc line and projection, creating a field of protection around you.  It gives you strength and self confidence. 

How can you live a life that inspires truth?

Go ahead. Now is the time to get swept away in inspiration!

Let us know in the comments below what is one thing you can do to honour your truth in 2016!

Sat Nam and Big love,

Nicole xo


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