GS_Heart_of_Gratitude_title_page_HD-2We are thrilled to be beginning our next 40 Day Global Sadhana at Sat Nam Fest on September 26th with Mirabai Ceiba.  Called “Heart of Gratitude”, this special sadhana has two meditations for you to choose from, one perfect for the solo practitioner and the other a partner meditation for couples to go deeper into their love.

Featuring the powerful mantra Ang Sang Waheguru and meditations chosen to open the door of love by increasing gratitude, we’ll experience a powerful and precious transformation during these 40 days.

For Single Practitioners: Sit in easy pose with the finger tips of both hands lightly touching your heart center. Then chant the mantra while raising your right arm 60 degrees and back to the heart, then do the same with the left arm. Alternate between both arms. Eyes are closed. To end raise both arms, inhale, hold the breath, stretch out from your heart, exhale and relax.

Comments: Focus on your heart center and the sense of gratitude (The arm movement is like sharing flowers from your heart. ) You are grateful to all the people in your life, you are grateful for yourself and all the things you have done and are doing.You are merging heaven and earth, you allow the infinite spirit to touch you , opening yourself into the divine flow of creativity from within your center.

For couples and partners: Sit comfortably facing your partner. Hold each other’s right hand. Place your left hand on your partner’s heart center. Look deeply into each other’s eyes. Connect to the light in each other. Chant Ang Sang Wahe Guru together. Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply. Hold the breath. Close your eyes and recognize that your partner represents the entire universe.

You can use any version of Ang Sang Wahe Guru that you would like, but we would suggest Mirabai Ceiba’s 11 minute version on, created just for this experience.


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