Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.53.07 PMWe are off and running in a new energy matrix, and there is an empowered potential to manifest swift and sweeping change in our lives. The number 1 of January deals with issues of independence and self reliance. Whatever goals and visions you have for the New Year, be sure they are structured in a way which allow you to maintain the bottom line of responsibility.  A new frequency of energy is being released on the planet, and not everyone is presently capable of harmonizing with this energy. This creates the potential of a “capacity gap”. Your best friend may truly want to stop by everyday while you are out of town to feed your goldfish, but when you get back after 2 weeks they may be floating on the water instead of swimming in it. This example may be of small consequence (you can always pray for the fish and send them onward), however there can be other circumstances when left unattended would wreak havoc in your life. For example, scuba divers always carry a small reserve air tank, just in case something goes wrong with the main air supply. Having a back-up plan, and back-up supplies, is a good rule of thumb for this year.

The month of January is a fantastic time to boldly set forth your well thought out plans, and there are six highly auspicious days for any new venture. These days are the 6th,8th, 15th, 17th, 24th, and 26th. Two of these dates fall on a Sunday, and you know what that means! On another positive note, 2012 is going to be one of the best hook-up years  in a long time. If you can’t get lucky in 2012 you must be eating the wrong breakfast cereal.

We are longing at this time to co-create with others, and there will be many serendipitous connections as the year unfolds. Use the power of your Positive Mind to affirm, “I co-create with others of a similar caliber and integrity.”  This will help you to filter out people who are not competent to keep pace with you. Self kindness is keynote now, and it serves no higher purpose to get caught up in someone else’s emotional drama. Remember, the drowning man will often want to take you down with him.

Balance and boundaries are part of your GPS navigational system, and as you approach every new person and opportunity you can ask yourself the question, “Will I be able to maintain my balance in relation to this person or situation?”  If the answer is even a “maybe”, give yourself time and space to determine your response. There is an advantage to pausing when possible, as events will be unfolding so swiftly that it will allow the right information to come to you just in time. Another approach is to send your Guardian Angel a psychic e-mail and ask, “If there is a trap door here, please reveal the truth to me.”  This way nobody has to get hurt.

As we maneuver through January it is important to remember that the Gift number (last two digits of the year) for 2012 is a 12. The number 12 represents tribes, and people will be banding together for a combined vision or purpose. Something you just absolutely must watch is a video on which illustrates this perfectly.  This beautiful song, the Judd’s Love Can Build a Bridge, illustrates the highest octave potential for humanity in the year of 2012. Fascinatingly enough, we can also see the number 12 as a 3 (1+2=3), and number 3 represents children. In this video it is also the children who are the peacemakers.

Looking further into January, and our theme of initiation and creative cooperation, it is important to be aware that there is an ever present prevailing wind at play. The name of that particular wind is “Impulsiveness!” We will be experiencing an extra surge of impulsive energy in the months of March, June, and September, as these are all months when the Fire Element will spike in intensity. Mark it on top of your calendar for these 3 months, “I will not be impulsive!”  This will serve to remind you that everything you may be feeling at these times is not so much about you, it has more to do with an emotional rip-tide that needs to be waited out and not jumped into. You may have gone to the beach on occasion and seen a sign that reads, “No Life Guard on Duty, Swim at Your Own Risk”. To further illustrate this point I will share with you one of my favorite TV series. It is a reality show called “16 and Pregnant”. This series is brilliant in revealing the lives of teenage girls who unexpectedly, and unwantingly, got pregnant at the age of 16. It shows the day to day struggles of the boyfriend and girlfriend who are feeling a bit over their heads in a phase of life that is usually better handled as an adult.

As I was watching one episode a young girl named Miranda was talking to a girlfriend over lunch about how difficult it was dealing with being a young mother and not having very much emotional support. As Miranda spoke to her friend she said, ”You know, I just wish I had a rewind switch.” Her friend paused, and then replied, “Miranda, we all wish we had a rewind switch.”

Let’s make 2012 the year of a positive projection that is in harmony with our spirit, and may we securely manifest and maintain that projection.

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