This week conjures a dramatic crescendo of energy that climaxes at the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, also the day that the Sun makes a sign-change into the fixed Air sign, Aquarius. This Full Moon is also the first of 3 Supermoons that mark a special start to the New Year. The Supermoon appears bigger and brighter than regular Moons. In addition, the Full Moon falls just short of one degree of Leo, suggesting a bright new start to the New Year.


Monday may feel a bit prickly since the energy from the start of the 2nd Quarter Lunar phase is lingering. The Sun and the Moon are at odds with each other, and thus, so are the masculine and feminine polarities down here on Earth. Don’t be surprised if you notice friction between the sexes. Also take note that the Moon is void-of-course from 11am – 1:30pm EST (8am – 10:30am PST). During this period, make no major decisions. Don’t hold any big strategy meetings. Our intuition is off. We feel like we have lost our sense of direction. Stick only to routine tasks.


The Moon is waxing. She is getting bigger and bigger in the sky each night and furthermore she is staying up later and later. As a result you may find yourself staying up later and later as well. On Tuesday, the Moon in fixed Taurus tells us to enjoy the fine things in life. Go ahead and indulge on a good homemade meal. Treat yourself to new music. Consider songs to the earth –  the perfect way to connect with the Earth element that is being called forth from the Taurus influence at this time – such as Mirabai Ceiba’s ‘Awakened Earth’ or Snatam Kaur’s ‘Earth Prayer’ from Ras or Jai-Jagdeesh’s ‘She Kissed Me’ from ‘Down Come The Walls.’



The Moon is void-of-course for a long period on Wednesday afternoon and evening, so you might want to take the second half of the day off. From 1:34pm – 8pm EST (10:34am – 5pm PST), the Moon goes backstage as she changes costume before entering the next sign. Again we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Interactions with others are off. Play it cool and make no major moves during this time.


There is plenty of mental activity on Thursday. Everyone is talking. Everyone has an opinion. Connect with others. It is important to have the lines of communication open. Just don’t get too caught up in the gossip. Leave it for others. If it is not your business, stay out of it. Plain and simple.


You may find yourself dancing around on Friday like a shape-shifter. Be flexible. Make connections by making concessions. Let go of preconceived notions and give people the benefit of the doubt. Hear them out. During the evening hours the Moon goes void-of-course again. Enjoy a movie with the one you love.


Saturday’s energy is cozy and sentimental. You may just want to stay at home. The energy of the Full Moon is making everyone more emotional than usual. People are extra moody – and cranky. Feed them and suddenly everything is better. Fresh homemade soup goes a long way.


Sunday marks the peak of this week’s emotional energy. The thermometer is showing lots of red! Interactions are heating up. Also take note that the Sun makes a big sign change today – one that sets the background tone of energy for the next 30 days. During this time, as the Sun transits Aquarius, we are asked to express our uniqueness. Bring your gifts to the table. Push the envelope. Be bold. Follow through with projects that are important to you. Be a rebel. Connect with others of like-mindedness. Think of what you can do together that will benefit a large number of people. Remember that Aquarius is the water bearer. Aquarius itself is an air sign represented by a woman bringing wisdom and life (water) to the people. Ask how you fit into this picture. How are you serving others? What are you doing to bring wisdom and life to others. Find a project that inspires you. Help it along or start your own. This is a time to think big, join with other big-thinkers, and go for it.

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