durga goddessHere’s an experiment for you. Go to Google, type in “practical ways to honor women,” and take a look at the results. How many of them have to do with honoring men vs. ways to honor women? Of course all people should respect and honor one another, but what does it say about our world when searching for ways to honor women brings up results for honoring men instead?

Each year in India there is a celebration called Navratri. This festival, lasting 10 days and 9 nights, celebrates the Divine Feminine in 9 forms. The Navratri celebration involves dancing, prayer and worship, and the blessing of objects one uses in daily life (books, computers, tools, etc.). This year Navratri takes place from October 16-24.

There are many ways that yoga can help you to connect with the Divine Feminine, and honor Her in your life. Whether you choose to use mantra, meditation, or practical methods, connecting with the Divine Feminine will help you to honor yourself and the women in your life more completely.


Adi Shakti” is the bhakti mantra of Kundalini yoga. Yogi Bhajan taught that this mantra will connect you to the Divine Feminine and invoke the Creative Power that manifests as feminine. In Transformation Vol 2. “Kundalini Bhakti Mantra” talks about using Celestial Communication to make the experience of this mantra even more powerful.

Transformation Volume 2 – Serving the Infinite

You can also connect with the Divine Feminine through the shabad Bhand Jamee-ai. This shabad not only connects you with the Divine Feminine, but also helps to connect women to their own power and grace.

Honoring the Divine Feminine by Gurunam Singh

On the Sanskrit side, there are many mantras that call on the Divine Feminine. Wah! has an entire album dedicated to the Divine Feminine called Maa.

Maa by Wah!

Girish’s album Diamonds in the Sun has three beautiful chants to the Divine Feminine, “Saraswati,” “Kali Durge,” and “Lakshmi.” Each one will open your heart and instantly connect you to the Divine Feminine.

Diamonds in the Sun by Girish


“The Meditation on the Divine Mother Adi Shakti” in I Am A Woman tunes you into the frequency of the Divine Feminine and helps to remove the blocks in your life. It involves visualization, and uses the mantras “Sa Ta Na Ma” and “Adi Shakti.”

I Am A Woman Yoga Manual

Yogi Bhajan taught the “Adi Shakti Meditation” as a way to magnify your pranic potency, and as a mantra to chant when the stars are poorly aligned. Start with 11 minutes and build up to 31. You can find this meditation in Relax and Renew.

Relax and Renew

There are lots of practical ways to honor the Divine Feminine in your daily life. Here are just a few:

  • volunteering at a women’s shelter
  • giving a mom you know a break by offering to babysit for her children
  • calling or writing a note to your own mother, telling her how much she means to you
  • picking up trash you see lying on the ground (the Earth is our mother too!)

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