Jai-Jagdeesh was asked where the title “Down Come the Walls”  comes from.  In this video, she shares what those walls are and how’s she taking them down.

Jai-Jagdeesh says: “The title came from from a feeling of having moved from one chapter of life into a completely different one and having done so in a way that was not only huge, but dramatic.”

She continues, emphatically, “I think that as we all evolve in life,  we change in really big ways, but we don’t always give ourselves permission to own that fully.  I think that things have been changing, shifting, percolating in me for years, and I wasn’t really giving myself permission to take true and total ownership of it, and so…… down come the walls, baby.”  She laughs deeply at this.

“When we embody ourselves more,” she continues,  “and more fully and more truthfully, all of our choices come from that, and so all of the choices that were made from the songs, to how they were made, to the naming of the album, to the presentation of self, are all in alignment with who I am in this time and space… Walls down!  Truth as often as humanly possible.”

“If I had to put it all together in one little nugget for you,  I would say that it’s incredibly tender.  It’s very heart-centered.

It’s got a melancholy quality to it.  It’s almost mournful in certain places, and then in other places, totally celebratory.

It’s as though I’ve reached into my chest, grabbed a hold of my heart, pulled it out, and I am handing it to you.  That’s basically what this album is.”

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