In this video, Jai-Jagdeesh talks about how she approaches a new recording project and the process of embracing the unknown in embarking on an album.

Jai-Jagdeesh says, “I wish I could say that I sit down with a really clear intention when I go into the studio to record a new album.  That would be so Virgo of me, and it would totally jive with who I am in that way,  but in all honesty it is so outside of any semblance of control I´ve ever had in my life… the whole process.”

She continues, “I show up with a fair amount of fear and overwhelm because there is that little part of me that is always worried about getting it wrong or putting something down in the studio that my producer loves, and he twists my arm into making it happen even though I’m nervous about maybe it was a little too tender hearted….. At a certain point I’ve  gotten comfortable with completely wearing my heart on my sleeve”

About trusting her producers, she says, “There was a moment early on where I got really nervous about maybe singing it a particular way and discovering that I hadn’t done it the best I possibly  could, but my producer loved it that way and convinced me to put that out into the world…that happened to me a couple of times and I am always glad that it did.”

Continuing with that theme, she says, “But for that reason and for a number of others, I always go into the studio feeling an apprehensive nervousness about the unknown and all of  the possibilities that exist but it is unknown.  I always bring material in with me so there is certain amount of grounding that I have in my need to be in control, but then it’s all just freedom…so…”

Then, about Down Come The Walls, she says, “If I went into the studio with any intention for this album, it was simply to find as much healing as possible in myself so that would exist and live in the music so that it could fin its way into people’s heart and offer them that same healing. Every single thing in this album has been cathartic in some way.”

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