Spirit Voyage is so proud of the 40 Day Global Sadhana program, what it has become and what it is growing into. Our latest sadhana, Release Fear and Become A Conscious Leader, hosted over 10,220 yogis from 75 countries around the world.  Time and time again we hear from participants that they are aching for a community to join. Spirit Voyage has heard that request, and is creating a Yoga Studio Partner Program. Participating yoga studios can provide the home base for individuals to expand and learn the teachings of Kundalini yoga. Through these studios, students can participate in the 40 Day Global Sadhana meditations in the company of friends.

For yoga studios whose students might already be participating, Spirit Voyage wants to support you in a stronger way by making sure your studio has access to the teachings ahead of time, and tools and resources for your students. Perhaps your studio will have a weekly time where everyone comes together to do the sadhana. Maybe you’ll teach a series of classes supporting the same theme of the sadhana or do the global mediation in one class each week. Because this program is in its infancy, studios will be a part of co-creating it with Spirit Voyage, building it together into something amazing for everyone!  We’ll create teaching tools and resources for teachers to use, to help make your community dynamic and inspirational!

Spirit Voyage will shine a light on participating studios through a “Yoga Studio Partners” section on our Global Sadhana website where students can find yoga studios. The daily inspirational emails will also include a “Featured Studio,” so participating individuals can find a community to practice with.  Participating studios will include the logo and link to the  Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana page on their websites, and encourage their students to sign up for our daily inspirational emails.

If you know of or own a yoga studio that might be interested in the Yoga Studio Partner Program, contact Ramdesh Kaur at ramdesh@spiritvoyage.com for more information.

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