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Sat Nam!

You know that feeling.

When you walk out of a powerful Kundalini yoga class or travel home from Sat Nam Fest and you feel like you can take on the world.

Your head is clear, your heart is open and your soul is inspired.

But sometimes as you leave the coziness and support of community to step back into daily routines, worry may settle in.  How will you stay in that calm and empowered state of being?

For almost two decades, Spirit Voyage has helped millions of us feel supported in our Kundalini Yoga journey. They are there for us when we look for inspiration, teachings and products to reignite our practice.

During my time working at Spirit Voyage, I was passionate about finding unique products that helped customers strengthen their practice.

As Spirit Voyage decided to increase its strategic focus on digital content and Kundalini Yoga U,  it became clear that the online retail store needed to become its own entity and I felt a strong calling to bring it to its next incarnation.

Hence Sage Moon was born – a lifestyle site featuring a curated selection of products designed to bring joy and beauty to your day so you can share your radiance with many along the way!

Sage Moon features products designed for Kundalini yogis, supercharged with mantra and love, created with soulfulness and integrity by people passionate about their craft.

Explore this unique selection of  inspiring clothing, jewelry and body care now.

With Love,

Founder of Sage Moon




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