Cultivating prana helps you create a body that is vibrant, healthy, clear of toxins, and enables you to live your life at a higher frequency.  A daily practice of Kundalini yoga keeps you continuously balancing the energies of prana and apana.  (Read more about the roles of prana and apana for a healthy life.)

Snatam Kaur shared an incredible class at Sat Nam Fest she called “Recharge Yourself.”

In this dynamic class, Snatam Kaur leads you through a Kundalini yoga practice to get your energy flowing so you can live the life of your dreams! The class focuses on restoring the pranic energy in your body – the vital life force that supplies you with energy, power and the courage to embrace your destiny. Starting with a powerful breathing exercise called breath of ten, an invigorating experience with Archer Pose, and a kriya to recharge your physical and energetic self, you’ll come out of this class with an empowered and rejuvenated body, mind and Soul! Snatam Kaur has musical accompaniment from Ajeet Kaur, Sukhmani Rayat, and Sarah Siri Kirtan Carlisle.

This class is part of a series that you can access on Spirit Voyage’s platform, Kundalini Yoga U, called ‘Renew Your Body, Mind and Spirit.’ This series has 7 different classes, each one powerful and focused on a different aspect of your self,  to give you a weekly routine of Kundalini Yoga, allowing you to have something different each day of the week to keep up your daily yoga practice.  With 3 classes from Gurmukh,  1 from Snatam Kaur, 2 from Akasha, and 1 from Mahan Rishi Singh, this is an incredibly powerful Kundalini Yoga experience.

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