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Climb aboard Spirit Voyagers, as we are about to embark on a momentous trip. A 40 Day Global Sadhana experience that will open us up to more joy, more fun, more fulfillment, and more energy in our lives. The theme of our journey is Reclaiming Your Happiness by Increasing Your Energy. Along with thousands of other yogis across the globe, we will be doing just that.

When we were new to this planet, happiness was likely not something we thought about much. It was something we just experienced—fully and freely. As we get older, and we acquire more intellect, hurt, and burdens, happiness can become something that ebbs and flows along with whatever is going on externally.

So when I say “Reclaiming Your Happiness”, I mean reclaiming that sense of just BEING happy. Not happy for a reason. Not happy BECAUSE of something. Just happy. The happier we are, the more energy we have, and vice versa. The two go hand in hand.

Sound good?

If it were a product, we might slap it with a “happiness guaranteed” sticker… you know, just to be cute.

18341-180x180The mantra we will be using is very simple and very powerful.

Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Ji

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Ji

Sat Nam is a truly profound statement. If you have ever been to a Kundalini Yoga class or Sat Nam Fest, you may have heard it being used as a greeting, a kind of “hello there.” It means so much more.

“Sat” means truth and “Nam” means identity. When I say “Sat Nam” to you I am saying so many things. I am saying that I recognize that the essence of who I am exists beyond the illusion of this physical word, that I am a Divine Being. I am also saying that I see this Divinity in you, whom I am addressing.

“Ji” is a name for the soul. So, when I think of “Sat Nam Ji” I think of saying “Sat Nam” to my soul. I am reminding my soul that I am aware of it and connecting to it.

“Waheguru” is my favorite mantra by far. It is highly useful and highly versatile. Literally, it is an expression of awe in the face of God’s wisdom. In this tradition, we believe that everything that occurs in life (from the stubbed toe to the car crash, to the lottery ticket win) is meaningful and a lesson. “Waheguru” is a exclamation of gratitude for these lessons. Wow indeed!

When we add the “Ji” (soul) to “Waheguru” it expresses that this WOW-WOW wisdom exists within us, as our soul.

Say it loud, say it proud: Waheguru ji!

If you are still not sure you can commit to this 40-day Global Sadhana, I encourage you to meditate on these words by Yogi Bhajan:

“It is your birthright to be happy, and happiness comes only to a disciple with a discipline. Those who do not seek discipline can never be happy.”

So while it is our birthright, happiness is also something we much cultivate and make room for daily. We must tend to the garden of our happiness, if you will, if we wish to reap its rewards.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather be than happy. Can you?

I pray you will join me.



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