Who would like to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence? Raise your hand.

Smiling senior womanIf those words petrify you into place and cause your heart to start pounding there’s a good chance that you could benefit from a regular yoga practice. If you sit in an office all day, the thought of working on your core and navel center might not sound so appealing. You may think sit-ups, stretch pose and a medieval torture chamber are needed to open and strengthen that third chakra. Luckily there’s another way to build self-esteem!

How about using mantra and meditation to build self-confidence? While an intense core building kriya might be quick, for those with a weak navel and often a weak back, they can be painful and straining. Using mantra to build that core takes a little longer but can be a more constructive way to build confidence and navel point strength for those with challenges.

The mantra HAR is the creative infinity which brings personal and will power. It can unlock the diaphragm and build strength in your abs so you can work your way up to stretch pose. But isn’t that the prosperity mantra? Yes! Without self-esteem and self-confidence how are you going to have the courage to take action and accept that you deserve prosperity when it comes knocking at your door? So let’s get to practicing!

Tantric Har by Simran Kaur

How do you chant it and which meditation to use?

The trick to it is that the sound of Har is more of a ‘Hud’ because you have to hit the tongue just behind the teeth on the R. It feels awkward and if your diaphragm is really locked you can actually feel a pull when you stretch your tongue forward like this and pull in the navel as you chant.

You’ll get the most benefit from a consistent practice, start with 40 days and work your way up to 90 or a 120 days to get more benefit.

Mala Meditation

The simplest meditation is to use a Mala. On each bead chant Har, pulling in the navel point. Keep a relatively fast pace so that the chant and navel pump have a continuous rhythm. Chant from the navel with confidence! Try 11 full malas a day if you’re feeling ambitious, this takes you close to 11 minutes. You can also break it up and do a couple of malas in the morning, a few at lunch and some before heading to bed. If you don’t already have a mala, consider a 27 bead wrist mala or a full 108 bead mala made of rose quartz to carry with you, it’s an excellent stone for increasing self-confidence.

108 bead Rose Quartz Mala

Prosperity and Confidence

Why not bring a little prosperity into your life while you’re working on yourself? Do this meditation for 11 minutes a day and see what happens! The “Prosperity Har” meditation on GuruGanesha and Karan Khalsa’s Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity has a lovely musical version. Just remember to pump that navel as you chant and no being shy about it! There are also several other lovely mantras on the CD which also work on self-esteem and remove doubt.

Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity

Move It Out

For those with a love for moving meditations rather than chanting, the “Meditation to Open the Locks of the Heart and Increase the Power of the Infinite Within” on page 92 of the “I AM A WOMAN” kriya manual is wonderful. You use the beat of “Tantric Har” by Simran Kaur to jolt your rib cage back into place with each Har, no chanting required.

I Am A Woman yoga manual

Enjoy your journey and let me know how it goes!

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