This post is continuing my previous post on the Three Ways to Break Free From Jealousy. If you were inclined and followed the steps I offered, likely now you understand any such sudden attack of emotion. It’s old thoughts and old beliefs that need updating, or it’s unresolved issues resurfacing for resolution.

Now the question is: what to do about it? Personally I had to find a way to deal with it immediately. I was not willing to be a person with such ill-wishing thoughts to another being. Once you are aware for a need for action, you make space for action.

It’s time to transform these thoughts into something more in alignment with how you feel now and how you choose to exist. The following are 2 great steps to transform jealousy into love.

1: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Imagine overhearing the jealous and mean thoughts and consider how it could cause you to feel, if you were the person being judged. Consider what you would wish the judging / jealous person to know about you. This is a great exercise in itself. It reveals the many ways you can show more empathy and shine light on the many perspectives you haven’t previously considered. Remember, this isn’t about self judgment but rather a recognition for growth.

2: Transform this energy into love by acknowledging it and showering them with good intentions.

I am sure at this point you were wishing you were sending different energy to the person. The next time the jealous or mean thought arises acknowledge it. Share a personal joy that you no longer are the kind of person who needs to accept such thoughts as true or act upon such a thought. butterfly


Then, in your mind’s eye, visualize creating in your hands a swirling mass of love energy. Do this in your unique way, this swirl can be any color, simply go inside and ask what color love is to you. This loving energy is full of all the best wishes you have for this person. Remind yourself what they are. The more you add the more powerful the swirl will become. When you have no more to add, in your mind’s eye imagine throwing this ball at them. See it burst and shower them, watch as they absorb it. In your heart know they had received the love. Look within and pay attention to the space that was once jealousy that is now filled with only a longing for their happiness. This of course also can make you feel happiness too.

This was so healing for me. The mean and jealous thought arose only two more times. This provided me with two more opportunities for expansion. On both times I took the same actions. Then the thought vanished. Or more correctly, it was transformed. My relationship with the person has also blossomed as I feel more connected to them now than ever before.

I share this tool now when coaching. It’s a simple intention and a simple action. Here is to love in all of your connections!

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