How to Manifest Your Dreams with Japji: 4 Easy Steps


Manifestation is a huge buzz word these days. The idea is that we can co-create and call forth the things we desire through the power of a strong intention. Because intention is a vibration, this process becomes much easier when you have a powerful vibration tool. Thank you Kundalini Yoga! Japji—Guru Nanak’s description of how the Universe works—contains fourty paurees (verses), which we can think of as fourty individual vibrational tools. The answer to how to manifest pretty much anything is contained in the recitation of these paurees.

Here are 4 easy steps to creating, maintaining, and projecting the vibration that will help you manifest your dreams.


STEP ONE: What Is Your Dream?

Obviously, you’ll need to have an idea of what you desire to start this process. Make sure it’s clear, but not too rigid. For example, if you would like to manifest a vacation with your family, be open to various possible ways of receiving. This might include winning a sweepstakes, getting a bonus at work, unexpected frequent flyer miles, a generous uncle, etc. Bottom line: you don’t have to tell God how it’s going to happen. God already knows.


STEP TWO: Pick the Pauree That Suits Your Desire

One of my teachers describes picking a pauree in Japji like going through a grocery store. Once you know what you’re making for dinner, you can shop appropriately. Each pauree has a specific vibrational message. Spirit Voyage has a blog written about the use of each pauree to help you decide which one best meets your intention.

Examples of paurees you might choose and why:

The 1st pauree—Sochai Soch Na Hovaee—to manifest happiness and an end to depression. Mata Mandir Singh’s version is my favorite.


The 24th pauree—Ant Na Siphtee—to manifest peaceful family relationships. Gurunam has a great version on his album “Change.”

The 25th Pauree—Bahota Karam—to manifest prosperity. My favorite musical versions are the one by Hari Bhajan Kaur on the Spirit Voyage Transformation Kit CD, and Livtar Singh’s.


STEP THREE: Practice, Practice, Practice

A general practice begins with 11 daily recitations of your chosen pauree for 40 days. After 40 days, you can decide to continue to 90, 120, and even 1,000 days. Each increase in commitment brings a heightened experience of the vibration created by that pauree.


STEP FOUR: Be Patient and Receive

There is a germination period before harvest, and each living thing is on its own perfect schedule. One of my favorite quotes by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, is “Patience Pays. Let the hand of God work for you.” Creation has it’s own sense of time. While you may think it’s taking too long—who is to say, really? Keep at it! If you are aware and receptive, you might even notice some clues that you are getting there—small changes happening in your life, little whimsies that seemed to appear out of the blue. Also, note the urge to give up tends to be strongest just as we’re about to receive what we desired. It’s really importan to just keep going and be patient.






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