Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.13.29 PMCongratulations on your participation in the 40 Day Burning Inner Anger Sadhana!  Releasing that which no longer serves you can bring such joy and peace to your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; however, your physical body may not be as excited with this “house cleaning”.  All that negative stuff you’ve stuffed has been dispersed throughout your physical structure – into your muscles, organs, tissues, cells, and lymph, so it’s really not surprising that when you flush out the junk, there may be some temporary side effects!

You may experience fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, neck pain, liver/gallbladder pain, headaches, cold/flu symptoms, crying jags, melancholy, agitation, vivid dreams/nightmares, etc.  You think something is “wrong”, but it could just be your body’s way of handling the clearing process; your liver especially, is working double-time to filter out the toxic wastes being generated.   Feelings of frustration or embarrassment may arise because you think you’re “not normal” or you should be “hardier” than this – says who? Let it go! You’re having an experience! It’s perfect for you.

Why not ask herbs for support and assistance? Herbs can help ease physical discomfort, support the immune system, calm the emotions, and hold space for you to love and forgive yourself; the supportive and curative powers that plants hold are truly a divine gift.

While the list of plant helpers is extensive, I offer a few of my friends’ talents as insight into yet another option for healing assistance.

Herbs to support the 40 day Burning Inner Anger Sadhana include:

Agrimony – Will help you acknowledge your pain in order to transform it, rather than stuffing it (when your smile is a façade as to your true feelings); he will help you release deeply held mental and/or physical tension throughout your body;  and will help you breathe – when you find yourself holding your breath from pain, fear, anxiety or apprehension.  If you’re feeling “hot from anger”, Agrimony will help cool you down, easing your digestion and perhaps quell that out-of-nowhere diarrhea! The flower essence is fabulous; however I have found that the tincture penetrates deeper into one’s core and brings forth the more repressed negative emotions.

Elderberry – Will hold a space of love for you, helping you with deep transformation. The berries help coughs, sore throats, flu and diarrhea; Mother Elder will improve your immune system when taken on a regular basis.

Blue Vervain If you’re being judgmental (even about yourself), feeling overstressed, having too many thoughts, are driving yourself too hard, Blue Vervain can bring you calmness.  Known as the “stiff-necked” remedy – it helps relax neck and shoulder tension.  It’s a beautiful remedy; either the essence or tincture work well here.

Burdock root – Burdock is a tremendous overall healer, but truly loves to work on your liver – slowly, gently and lovingly.  It will “cool” people who are overly ambitious, fiery and full of energy, and can help stabilize blood sugar imbalances over the long haul.  It will go to your core, bring up old memories and help you with answers. Burdock root oil rubbed over the liver region eases the stitch-like physical pain associated with anger/clearing and helps you refocus on positive thoughts.

Dandelion – This wonderful herb gets things going! It increases the amount of water and blood waste eliminated through the kidneys and urine; it stimulates the production and flow of bile from your gallbladder and liver.  Dandelion helps you listen to your body’s messages, and works to relieve pain and tension in your neck and other muscles. Not bad for a common weed!

And, of course, Lemon – Source of Vitamin C, and cooling to a hot, agitated liver.  This fruit alone is immensely healing to your body – use it daily!

Finally, if you’re really feeling “icky”, play the Feeling Good Today track by Snatam Kaur on her Feeling Good Today CD – listening to her sweet voice, along with those darling little ones, can’t help but lift your spirit and pull you out of any slump!

Note:  Information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent illness.  Please be wise with your choices, seek medical attention/direction if symptoms do not improve or get worse, if you are pregnant or nursing, on medications, or if you are already under a doctor’s care.


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