Protection; Direction; Greater More Peaceful Experience of Self To Name a Few

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, there will be certain things that – as a human – will happen to you in life. The question is: when these things happen, will you have prepared yourself with a guiding star or will you fall into a state of no faith or lack of direction?

1.    Meditation makes us happier. Have you ever gotten through Snatam Kaur’s Charan Sat Sat without cracking a smile?  It’s simply not possible.  Meditation causes the glands in your brain to secrete in such a way that happiness floods.  Sa Re Sa Sa by Sat Kartar is also great for this.

2.    Stronger aura. Ok what does that mean?  By strengthening our auric flied, or energetic bodies we protect ourselves from negative vibrations.  These vibrations could be coming from the planets and we would therefore “avoid” unlucky events; or they can be coming from anyone who is near to us.  Even happy seeming people can be emitting subtle negative vibrations that can drain you; you know the type.  Any “Wahe Guru” will do the trick.  Try this one by Mata Mandir Singh.

3.    Positive projection. Meditation puts you into the higher energies, so that your projection is stronger and more positive.  When you are vibrating at this frequency, you will also pull “up” those near you.  Communication becomes clear, positive, loving and efficient.  “Aad guray nameh” by Gurunam Singh is a wonderful chant to increase your positive projection.

4.    Healing. There are certain sound vibrations that heal the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  We can use these chants to heal from anything from common colds to aggressive cancer.  Ra Ma Da Sa by Snatam Kaur is recommended for those who strive to heal others and themselves.

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5.    To gain focus. Meditating gives us discipline, so when we are working on tasks, our minds stay focused naturally.  Sa Ta Na Ma by Mirabai Ceiba is a great chant to help the mind relax and focus.

6.    To clear our karmas. This blends in with reason # 4.  Very often in our energetic blueprints we are carrying around triggers or cloudy spots that are carryovers from our past lives.  By chanting certain vibrations, we are using sound current to literally move these imprints out of our fields.  When the imprints are deleted or transmuted to a Higher Power, we can move more freely and are less reactive emotionally and more stable.  So Purkh by Nirinjan Kaur is the best ever for this intention.  Chanting So Purkh can give you cleansing dreams.

7.    To increase our intution/become more psychic. Would you drive across country without a map or GPS?  Then why go through life dulling your intution?  By sharpening our intuition we learn to follow the roadmap of our destiny as opposed to repeatedly falling off the course.  Wahe Guru Wahe Jio will make you super psychic.  Personally, it scared me such much I could not continue for more than a couple of weeks.

8. To manifest a specific intention. Visualizing while praying is an incredible method to make your dreams come true.  Wah Yantee is a very strong prayer, Nirinjian Kaur has a beautiful version.

9.    Miracles. Do you need a miracle?  Don’t ask twice!  Ask 108 times ….

Guru Ram Das just might bring you the miracle you seek.

10.  To have a greater experience of self. When you are meditating, you can delve into multiple dimensions of yourself; figuratively or literally.  You can explore yourself by observing the emotions that you release, or explore the nature of yourself, the true soul, by astral projection and meeting with others and traveling through other dimensions.  Life is so much more vast with meditation.  As Kundalini teacher Jen Pierre said: “It’s like a party in your head and no one else is invited.”  Snatam Kaur’s “Ram Ram Hari Ram” helps to connect with your original self.

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