Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.21.01 AMThe sun has been respected throughout the ages for its light and life-giving ability and healing powers.  Whether being worshiped by the Egyptians or the Maya, the Anasazi or the Sumerians, the ancient world gave it a place of unparalleled prestige.  Over time, more modern arenas took note of its power, such as Louis XIV of France, the so-called “Sun King”, and the Masonic Order, where suns are depicted in the temples.

The sun is 108 times larger than the Earth (that magical number showing up yet again) and holds within it the key to life on Earth, with its composition of heavy metals and the gravitation pull that it exerts on this planet, allowing us to be just far enough away to be cool and just close enough to be warm.  It’s light, through photosynthesis, creates the food we eat and nourishes us by creating strength building Vitamin D in our bodies.

Sun healing is not limited to shamanic practices. Many ancient yogis would sun gaze as a focal point, and in both Kundalini yoga and Naam Yoga (a combination of Kundalini yoga and Kabbalah), the sun features very prominently into healing.

How can you connect with the healing energy of the sun?

Do Sadhana

This daily spiritual practice is suggested in Kundalini yoga occur during the 2 1/2 hours prior to the rise of the sun.  This has to do with the angle of the earth to the sun being complimentary to meditation.  By the end of the Aquarian Sadhana, you are chanting “Guru Guru Waheguru Guru Ram Das Guru” while the sun rises.  Honor the sun by singing to it every morning!

Practice Breath of Fire

This powerful pranayama connects you to the energy of Fire and the Sun.  It cleanses the body and clears you of impurities.

Read the The Healing Fire of Heaven by Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

The founder of Naam Yoga believes that the Sun is the most potent healing force.  This incredible book teaches you how to work with the energy of the sun for spiritual growth and physical healing.  A wonderful tool full of great meditations and wisdom.


Listen to Lumen de Lumine & Mystic Light by Joseph Michael Levry  (Gurunam)

These CDs compliment the practice of Naam Yoga and contain mantra that connect you to the healing energy of Light and the Sun.


Get Your Vitamin D

The body creates Vitamin D from sunlight, making our bones strong and healthy, reducing inflammation and bringing about a sense of well-being.  Learn more!


The book

The supplement


Meditate with a Sun Gong

Certain gongs, called planetary gongs, are tuned to the frequency of a celestial body.  Sun gongs are tuned to the energy of the sun.  Meditate with the sound of a Sun Gong and tune into that specific vibration.

Salute the Sun!

This great DVD with Vinyasa flow goddess Shiva Rea helps you master the art of Sun Salutations, an ancient yogic practice to tap into the energy of the sun.

Connect with Citrine

This powerful stone for prosperity and healing has the energy of the sun within it.  It’s yellow color and vibrant energy helps you develop your willpower, strengthen the third chakra and open yourself to the Divine.


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