Kundalini yoga is a tremendous tool for self-healing. When you first try Kundalini Yoga you may immediately feel a major breakthrough or a profound healing take place. Although as you get deeper into the practice some of that honeymoon period wears off and this is where deeper healing takes place, but it may not be so overt. The more you practice; it may feel like you are facing more obstacles, not less. Isn’t healing supposed to make things easier?

There is no ‘silver bullet cure’ that if you just do this one meditation for fear, all of your issues with fear will be solved immediately. There is no quick fix. Twenty years of building a structure on an unstable foundation can’t always be reversed in just 11 minutes or 40 days, but it is definitely a start. There is a process of pulling apart the structure brick by brick and rebuilding.

Frankly sometimes you can feel like the kriya you are practicing actually makes you feel worse or even attract negative events to your life. This is only a temporary feeling. Give it time to dissipate. It isn’t that you are regressing in your practice, but confronting the shadows (things you are not aware of) that you are intending to heal. The lessons will come up in many forms and not just on your yoga mat, but also in other areas of your life.

With yoga, meditation and recitation of mantra there is much more going on behind the scenes than what meets the eye. All you need to worry about is your commitment to your daily practice and allowing yourself to see and feel what comes up. Whenever doing a spiritual practice, you are bringing yourself into the light. That sounds great to be ‘in the light’; but that in turn shines light in dark areas we didn’t know (or don’t want to know) are there. Ever take on a cleaning project that you thought would take 20 minutes and you end up taking hours? We don’t always know what we are getting into when we start and once we uncover one thing, other things can reveal themselves. Through your practice you are bringing the shadows into your awareness so than they can be resolved and healed.

Sometimes we have small issues and then there are lifelong issues we circle multiple times from different angles until the lesson is learned. Ever think that you already worked on something only for it to resurface? It doesn’t mean you regressed in your practice, only that it may be a different perspective of the issue. Information is much more digestible in small dosages. Think about trying to eat an entire pizza, you don’t try to eat the whole thing in one bite; you cut eight pieces and chew it bite by bite.

The path of self-healing takes commitment, but is very rewarding path to Oneness. You will confronted with obstacles, but some of the obstacles are within our control. We don’t always know where the path is taking us, all we can do is control are the controllables. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Food:

Watch your foods. This is one of the first things that throws us off balance and clouds our awareness. Certain foods like refined sugars can make you moody and crash. This only serves as a distraction from your process. A cleanse or fast is very helpful in staying present. You can learn more about yogic healing diets in Yogi Bhajan’s Food for Health and Healing or Bibiji’s Taste of India.

2. Mental Health:

Be mindful of your thoughts and attitudes. Thoughts are not always real and can be introduced as more of a way to control an experience instead of feeling it. Not everything needs to be rationalized or have an immediate meaning. It is natural when feeling on uncertain ground to want to rationalize situations to our advantage. This only takes us away from reality and slows us down. Nothing gets accomplished from thinking. It only takes us away from feeling, which is critical at this time. Once you can actually sense your experience, you can transcend it. Reciting mantras are always helpful is going beyond the mind:


Check out Mirabai Ceiba’s Ra Ma Da Sa

Yogi Bhajan’s book on “The Mind”


3. Lifestyle:

Our lifestyle is the fertile ground the practice grows from. Take care of yourself and stay committed to doing your practice. Keep yourself focused on your intentions to your practice and watch for that which separates you from them.  Go to bed early and rise early. Also surround yourself in positive environments to support your process.


Learn sadhana!

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