In Kundalini Yoga, a great deal of our practice is focused on moving the Kundalini energy up through our chakras to our crown. However, it is also completely normal for a chakra or two to become out of balance, impacting this flow of energy. As we go about our lives, the challenges and emotions of each day naturally affect the energy in our soul bodies. Fortunately, there are simple tools that can help.  One such tool is the use of healing stones. By using healing stones, you can help to restore balance to any chakra center that needs some extra love and attention. The more in balance our chakra centers are, the more Kundalini energy is going to flow through them.

For healing stones, you can either wear them, hold them as a mala, or you can have an actual stone itself.  When utilizing healing stones, remember to focus your attention on the chakra you are working with.

Healing Stones and the Chakras – A Guide





The most important thing in working with your chakras, raising your Kundalini, or any meditation is the intention and love you bring to your practice. It is all within YOU – just remember to acknowledge, love and appreciate the beautiful Soul that you already are. Sat Nam.

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