We love this video of Angelika from Mirabai Ceiba practicing this beautiful Celestial Communication to the healing mantra “Ra Ma Da Sa.”  This mantra calls on the energies of the Universe to bring deep healing to people who need it.  Celestial Communication itself is a very healing practice, using flowing arm and hand motions to work on the upper chakras and the subtle bodies.  Mirabai Ceiba’s beautiful version of Ra Ma Da Sa is so powerful, especially in conjunction with the flowing arm movements of this Celestial Communication by Sara Avtar Kaur in Rome.

Adarsh Kaur wrote an excellent article on Celestial Communication, which answers many of the most common questions about this practice.  She tells us that Yogi Bhajan called Celestial Communication “greatest wonder food for the body healing, bringing mental intelligence and creativity, and uplifting the soul and the inflow of the spirit.”

If you are in need of deep healing, try out this Ra Ma Da Sa Celestial Communication and let the energies of the Universe come to your aid.

Mirabai Ceiba's "Healing Ra Ma Da Sa" can be found on Meditations for Transformation: Cycle of Life

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