(originally posted on Ramdesh’s blog, No Ordinary Light)

Hari Om! Dear Lord, Sat Nam, Holy Name, when I call on the light within, I go home!

Walking along the road in Rishikesh, there are many sadhus and beggars that you encounter in their startlingly orange robes, with their malas, begging bowls and sticks ever present. “Hari Om!” they say to me in happy greeting. Reminded of the amazing song by Guruganesha Singh, I sing back, “Dear Lord, Sat Nam, Holy Name…!” I may look a little crazy and they don’t understand the reference, but it brings a smile to their face nevertheless. We all look a little crazy: them in robes and sandalwood painted foreheads with ashes smeared into their dreadlocks tied up onto the top of their heads, me in all white robes with a white turban and a smile from ear to ear. But we are happy and peaceful and full of life. Maybe the world needs a little crazy. What harm could a little more singing to acknowledge the God in the strangers you pass possibly do?

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