Having traveled from Maui to Taiwan (an 18-hour time difference), it took a little adjusting to, especially given I had never practiced Kundalini Yoga EVER! We drove a couple of hours from the Taiwan airport to a spa and sculpture park up in the mountains.

Hari Kirin and daughter Ajeet Kaur were hosting a retreat incorporating art, creativity, and yoga, a primary focus of Hari Kirin’s. She travels extensively to teach her courses related to the messages in her beautiful book, Art and Yoga, and Ajeet co-facilitates some of these workshops.


Taking charcoal and paint to paper was quite a challenge initially for many of us. But, when we created from a deep place we all overcame our blocks effortlessly.

There were an eclectic group of students from fine artists to florists to computer game graphic designers to phycologists. The Spa added another element, along with the sculpture park and art gallery on site.

Hasaya means she rises and is the name of Ajeet’s latest album. It is becoming an anthem of the feminine rising. In the Aquarian age, where we find ourselves presently is the age of cooperation, understanding and compassion. A sensitive age, a new phase were we need to learn to work together more as a collective.

Hari Kirin believes the spirit of Taiwan is very creative and resilient, having been through a lot. The day starts with Jap Ji followed by kriyas, I never realized that there are over 3,000 kriyas to choose from. Then, into meditation incorporating mudras. With art practices through out the day and the spa to enjoy in the evenings.

I would encourage you all to get a copy of Hari Kirin’s book Art and Yoga and to take her teacher training. You won’t regret it!

She runs this course at Kripalu and other centres. She also has another book on the horizon, along with the online courses available through her website.

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