Today is Snatam Kaur’s birthday.  In honor of Snatam’s birthday we will be running a promotion until midnight on June 19, 2010.

When you purchase any one of Snatam’s CDs or Mp3 downloads, Spirit Voyage will donate 20% of the purchase to the Natural Resource Defense Council.  This organization was selected by Snatam.  The NRDC is an environmental action group that works to ensure a healthy environment for all living things.   They are currently on the ground in Louisiana working to protect the region from the devastating effects of the oil spill in the Gulf. (Check out Ramdesh Kaur’s post: A Yogic Response to the Gulf Oil Spill)

Purchase any of Snatam’s music today and use promo code ‘NRDC20’ and 20% of your purchase will be donated to the National Resource Defense Council.

Happy Birthday Snatam! Shop now to support the NRDC!

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