Guru Ram Das

Guru Ram Das

This week marks the birthday of Guru Ram Das.  Guru Ram Das is the 4th teacher of the Sikh faith.  Yogi Bhajan shared his deep love of Guru Ram Das with his students, encouraging us to invoke his healing powers through meditaiton.  He called Guru Ram Das the ‘Lord of Miracles’ and many of our meditations focus on calling on Guru Ram Das to answer our prayers.

Here is a quote I found from a lecture given by Yogi Bhajan on Guru Ram Das’ birthday in 1987:

“So realize in this House of the Guru we are celebrating Guru Ram Das’s Birthday week. Rejoice. Meet. Exchange happiness. You will have happiness for the year. What you shall sow, you shall reap. Sow happiness in this week. Use Thou in this week discard “I”, miracles will happen. “Kiv sachiara hoiai kiv kurai tutai pal(i).” How we become truthful and how this wealth of lies can fall. “Hukam(i) rajai chalna Nanak likhia nal(i).” In the will of God, Thou.” – Yogi Bhajan

All around the world, people are spending their day today and the week that follows meditating on the spirit and energy of Guru Ram Das.

There are so so many mantras recorded for this very purpose.

We’d like to share a 2 free downloads on this special occasion.

The first is a version of the mantra:

Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

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The second is a beautiful version of the chant: Ra Ma Da Sa

Free Download

Free Download

Ra Ma Da Sa by Snatam Kaur

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