GuruGanesha on stage with Nirinjan Kaur at Spirit Fest 2010

I spent some time with GuruGanesha to talk about his experience at Spirit Fest last year.    Come join Spirit Voyage at Spirit Fest, the Kundalini Yoga and Music Festival of the Year.  GuruGanesha Singh talks about the joy of playing music at Spirit Fest, his love of playing with Snatam Kaur, his upcoming Song of the Soul tour with Tina Malia and his new album, Kundalini Surjhee.

Click Below for information about this year’s Spirit Fest:
Spirit Fest

GuruGanesha will be joined by Tina Malia on their upcoming Song of the Soul Tour which will feature incredible live versions of the music on this album as well as music from Tina Malia’s own incredible discography.

Visit their tour website to find out when they will be in your area.

2011 · 2012 World Tour starting April 15.

Sacramento, California 04/15/2011
Santa Rosa, California 04/16/2011
Grass Valley, California 04/17/2011
Ashland, Oregon 04/20/2011
Seattle, Washington 04/22/2011
Eugene, Oregon 04/24/2011
Berkeley, California 04/29/2011
San Rafael, California 04/30/2011
Santa Cruz, California 05/01/2011
Santa Barbara, California 05/04/2011
Los Angeles, California 05/06/2011
Encinitas, California 05/07/2011
San Diego, California 05/08/2011

The Song of the Soul Tour will be visiting the Eastern US and Canada in September 2011.

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