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I just got back from Sat Nam Fest (Spirit Fest) on the weekend, what can I say other than that I am humbled, I am inspired, I am moved. Not just by the musicians and the yogis but also by the people who attended. Basic humanity and love is missing so much from the world, I found it here, and it felt like home. The gifts of exceptional devotional music and yoga were only surpassed by the gift and presence of love.

I have never experienced an event like this before, where everyone I talked to was so warm, where everyone seemed so focused, where everyone seemed so genuine. I could sense the longing in their eyes for the truth, for a better way for themselves and for the planet.

The world needs people like this more than ever today. The world needs bearers of light, be it a matchstick, a candle, high beams! Every little light of awareness, love, illumination counts. You are capable of anything you put your mind to. Be the matchstick that lights the candle, be the car that turns on the high beams. Be the light onto yourself, show an example, challenge the status quo, show self disciple. Draw the arrows of discrimination, love and compassion, take a deep slow breath, and aim it straight at your own heart, at your own mind.  Be the leaders that the world needs today.

Brothers, sisters @Sat Nam Fest, I am truly blessed to have met each of you…I went home and also feeling blessed to have a family that was waiting ever so patiently, that also gave me the opportunity to experience such a blessed event. We often don’t see it, even another breath is a blessing to be able to let your soul shine through this mortal coil.



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