Grounding with Kundalini Yogagrounding

Many of the most memorable Kundalini Yoga experiences can be the kriyas that create elevation and expansion. There are kriyas designed for staying grounded as well. Grounding is another important and sometimes overlooked aspect to the practice as it allows you to be present in your body.

From the aspect of healing, there are two primary exit points in the body. There is the feminine aspect, through the throat chakra, which works like that of a burning fire where the wooden logs turn into smoke and evaporate into the air as it moves up. Then there is the root chakra, which is the masculine aspect, which works more like a toilet that flushes down and out into the ground.

Depending on what one is working on, either point can need attention at certain times. To every issue one heals, there is a feminine and masculine aspect to it. Both aspects are important given a situation and need to be explored for both expansion and integration.

There is nothing easy in the healing walk especially when dealing with past traumas, deep emotions, family baggage, etc. Many can gravitate more towards the elevation and expansion aspect as it can allow one to see past an event. There is a lot of value in that, but we still also need to stay anchored and present in the body to sense what is going on the inside.

Being completely present with yourself can be hard to do. When present in the body, you can immediately feel the unpleasant pain that can be in it. We can go through great lengths to be numb ourselves from this feeling on a daily basis through our food choices, lifestyle and thoughts.

Focusing solely on the higher realms of consciousness can also be used as an escape. You can find it many times with children who experience abuse, for example. Some of the brightest minds can be a product of an abusive upbringing. To escape their present reality they can escape into the higher energy centers especially in the 6th and 7th chakras while avoiding the lower centers. This can cause one to have a wild ungrounded imagination and an overly developed intellect. An ungrounded imagination can cause one to not be able to see reality and an overly developed intellect can cause one to live in their head.

It can take a lot to get grounded into your root chakra especially when you are used to living outside of it. Being grounded in the root chakra means that one has to feel everything. Sensing and feeling what is presently going on is the first step to actually discovering what one needs to work on and heal. Sometimes it can seem that there is nothing fun and exciting about being here now, but that is where we have to start.

Being in this world as a householder is having both feet rooted in the ground while having the human experience. Being grounded also makes you committed to your path and helps put into action that which you see from the higher centers.

When meditating on the higher centers, one can have profound experiences that can be psychic, past life, etc. These are amazing experiences that really can show one that we haven’t even scratched the surface of our human potential yet. Although grounding meditations may not seem so profound as they make you realize that you are here and you are aware that you are here meditating. It can seem a little boring, but it is essential for actually being able to integrate the higher conscious experiences so that they can be a part of you going forward. Otherwise one can become like a balloon without an anchor and float away.

We need to also have the ability to flex our grounding muscles at command as there are experiences that can unsettle us. Once this grounding muscle is established, healing can be quicker. You can locate yourself quicker. Grounding isn’t just mutually exclusive to the root chakra either. It can be used with other organs and energy centers as well. For example, when feeling anxious you can put your hand over your heart and meditate on your root chakra to get to the root of what is behind the anxiety. Overall grounding will allow you to see through chaos in daily life to the bigger picture without loosing your footing.

To help ground yourself, here are a few helpful tools:
1. Eat salty foods or even have some himalayan pink salt directly. Avoid sweets as they are more yin and wont help keep you grounded.
2. Eat grounding foods such as beets. They are very grounding.
3. Contract your anus or be consciously aware of this point. This is where the Root Chakra is located. It can also be helpful to visualize a square and the color red.
4. Meditate with the tongue tip at the back of the lower teeth and slightly push the whole tongue to the floor of your mouth. This will ground you.
5. Consciously feel your feet on the ground as you walk or stand. Try not to sit with you feet off of the floor.
6. Earthy smells are be very grounding. Take a walk in nature and pay attention to the scent of dirt, leaves and wood.
7. Meditations for the Root Chakra:

A manual on all the chakras by Yogi Bhajan

A DVD class on the First Chakra with Yogi Bhajan


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