Snatam Kaur recently had a great idea…Gratitude Monday. What could happen in consciousness if Spirit Voyage’s friends, families and fans took a little bit of time each Monday to remember what they’re grateful for?

13th Century mystic Meister Eckhart once said,  “If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.”  It is still decidedly true.

Each Monday, we will offer “Gratitude Monday” (Thanks, Snatam!).  Members of Spirit Voyage’s broad family of musicians, writers, and employees alike, will write a short note telling you what they’re thankful for…and we invite you to do the same. Leave us a comment each week telling us what you’re thankful for…like an online gratitude journal. It can be the same or different each week.  But keep up….and leave us a comment telling us (and the Universe) what you’re deeply thankful for that week.

This week, I’m thankful for the miracle of life.  Someone very close to me has just announced that she is pregnant again, and I’m eagerly waiting for the arrival of a new precious soul. I’m grateful that there are days when the sun rises and there is a being in a mother’s womb, and then when the sun sets, there is another life on this earth waiting to get to know you and making your heart grow wider than it was before.  Babies make me happy and I am grateful there is a new one coming into my life!  Thank you, Universe!

What are you grateful for on this Gratitude Monday?

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