Spirit Fest will have its first all night kirtan this year. Between sets, we will have gongs holding the space and clearing our fields.

Kulbir Kaur and Sat Shabd Singh, from Detroit, will help facilitate the transformational power of their planetary gongs. Gongs can still the mind like nothing else. The only way to learn that for yourself is to lie down in front of a gong while it’s being played by someone sensitive to its power. You soon begin to experience the gong as a blanket of healing vibration. You sense a stillness emerging from the center of your soul, expanding into your body and mind. And then, before long, you stop noticing anything. Time becomes space, and you become everyone else.

These precious instruments communicate with humans at the deepest level, and at the same time they dialog with each other, with one gong’s vibrations causing new sounds in its neighboring gongs, and new sensations inside each listener. Each gong over the evening imprints upon the group series of subtle and serene vibrations.  Gongs release energetic blocks, reduce tension and stimulate circulation.  Even if you are sleeping in the room during the all night kirtan, the gongs will have an effect!

On gongs, Yogi Bhajan said, “The gong is very simple.  It is an inter-vibratory system.  It is the sound of Creativity itself.  One who plays the gong plays the Universe.  The gong is not an ordinary thing to play.  Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words.   The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the Word.  The gong is not a musical instrument, nor a drum.  The gong is a beautiful reinforced vibration.  It is like a multitude of strings, as if you played a million strings.  The gong is the only tool with which you can produce this combination of space vibrations.”

We are pleased and honored to offer you the gift of healing gongs at this year’s Spirit Fest!

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