Want to discover more our yourself, your heart and your relationships?  Want to immerse yourself in this study on the banks of the Ganga in India?

There is a beauty and dignity in all relationships. Are you finding it? Or is the joy and fulfillment of relationships elusive? The late Mahan Tantric Master Yogi Bhajan left us many previously secret treasure teachings on the art of relating. This transformational course will give you the experience of new ways of perceiving yourself, others, and your environments, opening you to the simplicity of limitless perception where the magical ways of love are found.

The Authentic Relationships Course experience breaks through the blocks that prevent you from experiencing our interconnectedness, helping to heal the illusion of isolation and separation. This transformational experience will provide you with the tools that can help you integrate Authentic Relationships into your lives as well as into your classes and teaching. The course covers the following aspects of relationships:

  • The Experience of Authentic Relationships
  • Love and the Infinite Game of Life
  • The Law of Polarity in Relationships
  • Living as Your Authentic Self
  • Divine Delight and the Play of Masculine and Feminine
  • Legacy and Lineage: Passing on Grace and Consciousness

Join Gurmukh, Gurushabd Singh, Sat Siri, and Mahan Rishi in Rishikesh, India from March 10-15, 2013 for this profound opportunity to explore the creation of Authentic Relationships through the theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga.  Each day you’ll experience the beauty and simplicity of ashram living, participate in sadhana, practice yoga, and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals, all while the Ganges River flows in front of the ashram.  As Gurmukh says, “India becomes a part of you. It runs deep into your soul…You will find direction in your life, peace in your heart.” Join your fellow Kundalini yogis and seekers for this powerful experience!

Click here for more information, and to sign up for the Golden Bridge Level 2 Teacher Training: Authentic Relationships.

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