Happy 2016, Sisters.

This is my first post after the New Year and yes, it’s already February.

The New Year is a distinct period of both reflection and renewal. Regardless of which spiritual path, tradition or celebration you honor, there is a palpable buzz in the air of newness. In the information age where we have become a globalized, technology-driven society; the external distractions are aplenty.  This year, I encourage us all to spend more time looking within.

Honoring the Universal Goddess

In the many faces of the Divine Feminine, we have goddesses that function as archetypes, deities and higher energies to love, protect, heal and guide us in our own unique path. There are the well-known Hindu goddesses Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  There is the Buddhist goddess Tara with several representations; with green and white being the most commonly known Tara(s).  There is the adoring Christian goddess Mother Mary.  And, one of my favorites is the Greek goddess Hekate.

There are also goddesses in our physical world, such as a mother, sister, friend, or any strong feminine presence. When we are receptive and seek to connect with their energies, they present themselves.

The Goddess takes many forms, and I strongly believe anything you experience in life can be guided, supported and understood by goddess wisdom.


We love Ajeet Kaur’s beautiful rendition of “Maa” from her latest album “Darshan”.

Explore and get to know the goddesses and what they represent, the feeling you get when you hear their name(s), see an image or hear a story about them. Pay attention to your thoughts, your mood, the sensations in your body, etc.  Sometimes the connection is immediate and other times it takes focused, quiet, and still time to be at ease in your environment to make the connection.

Chant and repeat the simple mantra “Maa” to invoke and connect with the universal mother of the soul.

Where we take our journey within to another level is when we recognize and embody the Goddess within ourselves. This is where we come to know the divinity that exists within us, our power, our grace and our oneness with the divine.

Embodying the Goddess Within

It is a blessing to become captivated by the magnificence of the Goddess. She is magnificent, after all.  I am writing this post on a plane during a work trip and thinking of her as I write, I am moved to joyful tears.  This heart-centered expression is the power of the Goddess.

As we experience and deepen our awareness of the Goddess, our lives take on new meaning as lifetimes of knowing come closer to the surface.

Blessed Be, sisters.

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