The Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana: Expand Your Intuition involves navel pulling and diaphragm pulling.  We recently received a question about the safety of these practices for pregnant women.  Jai-Jagdeesh answers:

Sat Nam, Pregnant Beauties!

As you all know, the navel point is a very sensitive area during pregnancy, which is why, during that time, we don’t do breath of fire, root lock, or any kriyas which involve laying on the stomach or rolling on the abdomen. That said, there are many pregnant women who attend their favorite teachers’ vigorous classes well into their third trimesters, and they modify the exercises or meditations as necessary. They tune into their bodies, their bellies, their babies, and their breath, proceeding with care. And they are carried by the group’s energy through a complete experience of the kriya or meditation.

The 40 Day Global Sadhana is like one HUGE yoga class – in one massive classroom! We are all practicing at different times of the day at different points on the globe, yet we are all connected by the earth’s electromagnetic field. We are held by each other’s energy. And those of us who modify the meditation to fit the needs of our bodies – whether due to pregnancy, handicap, injury, or extreme fatigue – are supported by everyone else!

To that end, I invite you and your precious belly to join us for this Sadhana with the Indra Nittri meditation, but with a few guidelines and suggestions. Please read them in full, to make sure you understand all the details. It is very important to me that you make your choice from a fully informed position.

First off: You know your body, and you know it best. You know what feels right and what doesn’t. Above all else, pay very close attention to this when making your decision. Deal? Deal.

Secondly, if you begin the 40 Days feeling great, but at a certain point your body awareness tells you that you need to be done, please listen to it. Ordinarily I would encourage someone to push through this discomfort, as it’s often just the mind’s sneaky way of trying to trick us out of keeping up… But in the case of pregnancy, better safe than sorry.

Third and final item is the practice itself. It WILL be different for you. You will NOT pull in on the navel or diaphragm as you chant the mantra. You will hold an energetic intention, visualizing yourself making the movements, but your abdomen will remain still and steady through the meditation. Your intention will be enough to link you to all the other yogis in the Golden Chain who are doing the practice in full – and we will all grow in intuitive consciousness together.

… and that’s the whole enchilada!

It would be such a blessing to have you join us. And what an extraordinary gift to the sweet soul that has chosen you for a mother! I hope you’re thinking “YES!!!”

Sat Nam and much love,


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