Happy Birthday, Yogi Ji.

Today is the birthday celebration of Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West and in doing so, taught thousands of people across the globe how to touch their own Infinity.  He taught grace, he taught courage, and he taught yoga.  He also taught that the Western tradition of celebrating birthdays was backwards.  He observed people waking up on their birthday expecting presents.  This startled him.  In the Sikh tradition, a birthday, Yogi Bhajan taught, was the day that a person had the opportunity to give back to others out of gratitude to God for giving them life.  “On this day, the Lord gave you life.  May you use it to serve him.”  Yogi ji said that you gave on the day of your birthday to ensure that you kept receiving on all of the other days.  God gives and gives to us every day of the year, perhaps we could give to his other creations just one day out of the year in return?

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