“Jap Ji allows us to tap into Universal Consciousness & brings the quality of the soul forward into our lives.”~ Snatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur has created a series of short videos relating to her project, Meditation Of The Soul: Jap Ji Daily Practice and Learning Tool.  In her video, “Give Your Troubles to God,” Snatam shares the 5th pauri and her incredible experience with these sacred words.

“There are two lines in the 5th pauree that have been monumental in my life,” Snatam explains. “Time and time again, these words have helped to transform my energy in times of stress or challenge.”

gavi – ai suni-ai  man rakhi-ai bha – u

dukh parahar sukh ghar lai ja – i

Snatam continues with giving us the message behind these words: to be in a state of always singing, always listening, and always within your own being, you can give all of your troubles to the divine and take peace home with you. “Often times, we are in state of trouble, of frustration, of sadness and we don’t want to give those emotions away. Instead, we want to hold on to them. Then those emotions saturate our being.

But what Guru Nanak is telling us is that we can experience those emotions, but then give them to the divine. That they are there to show us that something in our life that needs transformation. There is something within us that needs to stand up, needs to move, needs to work, needs to come to that divine sense of self and being.”

Snatam’s passion for empowering people to recite Jap Ji is ignited by her hope that all of us can delve deep into the study and find the take home messages within this sacred text.


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