“Trusting the Universe” can seem like just new age advice, but it has roots in ancient wisdom. There are times where this advice resonates and then other times that it is met with strong opposition. How can one get what they need when solely just trusting?

Trusting doesn’t mean not taking any kind of action. It is more of a belief in the bigger picture that regardless of outcome that you get what you need. It is taking responsibility. In any profession there still needs to be preparation, practice and execution. We can only control those controllables, but we cannot always control the outcome. In the end you can only do your part to the best of your ability. The rest is by the grace of God. You can knock on the door as much as you want and become the best knocker, but you cannot guarantee someone will answer.

We push ourselves for a certain outcome so much that we can treat ourselves like machines rather than people. Even when we get what we want we can still punish ourselves because it there is a belief that it isn’t enough. That only makes us cruel and unhappy. Having all you want is a hollow victory without yourself. Without having gratitude it is like eating desert, but not having taste buds to enjoy it.

Trusting the Universe and getting what you want aren’t mutually exclusive, but one in the same when you come from a place of co-creation. Operating out of the divine flow is taking responsibility for yourself,  controlling your controllables and knowing that God will take care of the rest regardless of the outcome.

Here is how Kundalini Yoga can help:

1. Developing Prosperity.

Prosperity isn’t something outside of you, it is inside of you. It isn’t about doing tasks and watching the money flow. It begins with the belief that you are deserving. We can all give, but one of the biggest struggles is the receiving part. When we realize the value in who we are on inside then we become increasingly valuable externally. Self-love is an amazing thing that makes you feel indescribable. Nothing else matters because you are you. Nothing externally is of any value compared to what is inside. That is prosperity.


Check out “A Simple Man’s Prayer” in KRIYA.

2. Nervous system.

Some believe that the destiny of a person is already predetermined before they arrive in the human form and that it is our rebelling against that destiny which creates problems. Regardless of what you believe, life has its ups and downs. It is how we navigate those ebbs and flows of life that makes the difference. Everything won’t always go according to our plan because there is a divine plan. Sometimes that plan may differ from our because there are lessons we need to learn in order to grow. A strong nervous system allows one to walk with grace throughout life no matter what the outcome. The nervous system does not change what happens in your life, but just that you can manage it a little better. A person can become more at peace internally and feel indestructible as a result. You cannot always control what God puts into your life, but you can control how you respond to it. Controlling the controllables. Getting what you want isn’t about achieving, but in accepting what you already have and allowing it to unfold.

(Try the Meditation to Promote the Parasympathetic Nervous System from the KRIYA Manual, above).

3. Non-duality. 

Non-duality is the knowing that Creator and creation never separated. That is “Karta Purkh”. It isn’t a belief one thinks logically about; it is a knowing that resides deep on the cellar level. Non-duality is the highest of the human potential to be one with God and thus one with all. Through non-duality with God, you know that with good and bad situations, the Hand of God only has your best interest in mind. If God could have made a more perfect you or a more perfect path for you, He would have.

One of my favorite meditations Yogi Bhajan taught for non-duality was Parbati’s Kriya (found in Transformation: Mastering the Self). This is the meditation hat Shiva taught his wife, Parbati, the instructions on how to merge with the Infinite. It is a very deep experience.

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