simrit miamiWe’re delighted that Simrit is among the brilliant stars that will add their loving shine to Sat Nam Fest West this April in Joshua Tree, CA.  Our festival is the premier Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Chant Music Fest in the world…and the oh so gifted and infinitely talented people that come together to co-create this experience are beyond magnificent!

One of the most exciting pieces to being a part of the Sat Nam Fest Marketing Team is that I get to reach out to our phenomenal artists and teachers. Recently, I was blessed to connect with Simrit so that we can all get to know her a little better.

We experience Simrit’s music as nearly beyond words…transcendent, powerfully deep and soul inspiring, like nectar…sweet, sublime…elevating.

Each of her albums take us on a journey to profound discoveries within…where we recognize the essence of our Infinity, where we feel the raw nature of our magnificence, where we uncover hidden treasures and keys to our Truth.

Her musical alchemy is rich and lyrical, boosting radiance with every note…and every space of silence in between.

Simrit’s heart is that of pure gold.  She’s warm, loving and has a spirit of joy about her that is just so compelling.  All of this and so much more come through in her music.

We are blessed to have her with us for Sat Nam Fest West 2015!

Thanks so much for opening up to us, Simrit!

What is your most favorite thing about Sat Nam Fest?

The Music and Yoga Classes!

…and that’s such a good thing, because we’ve got so much of both of those to share and experience!

What’s playing on your music device right now?

In our home, we have 6 devices playing 6 different mantras at all times.  These mantras stay the same in every device..meaning that we have each mantra on repeat…so we have 6 mantras constantly going in our home without ever stopping.  It’s rad.

We stay in the mantric space this way.  Our house is the most beautiful, cozy and uplifting place…it keeps getting more and more beautiful…because our home is literally a continual, pulsating mantra.

That is SO incredible! What an inspiration!

Simrit Kriya 4Please share a profound practice or music creation experience with us?

Consistency is the most profound practice to me….as one day after practicing consistently with something….you just pop over into a new level….without even thinking about it.

It just happens by the grace of consistency….devotion can be developed by the practice of consistency.

One day you just feel grateful to the mantra itself and experience the mantra as your master.  You are entangled with the mantra, and the mantra chants you…That is beautiful and that is reality.

The more you relate with the mantra, the more the mantra relates with you and by it’s grace, it takes you in and takes you over.

That’s so beautiful!  You put everything into such sweet, relevant context… I feel the truth in your response when I listen to your music.  I can feel the mantras chanting you…bringing their message and frequency through you.  It’s so very powerful!

What is your best advice or insight for a new yogi?

Don’t take yourself so seriously, including when you practice meditation.  None of this is about being “perfect” or “enlightened”.  

Ah!!  That is such great insight!  …and comforting wisdom words for many! Thank you!

What’s the most treasured book in your library?

I have 3: Japji by Guru Naanak, Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Manual,  AND The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inyat Khan….These 3 books are my staples, and I rarely want to read anything else.

simrit alone djembeWould you be willing to give us a sneak peek at your creative process?

I hear melodies and feel rhythms constantly. It’s like a faucet that never stops running.

I record all of the melodies and the arrangements for the songs on a little recorder that I always keep with me.  I can hear the whole orchestrated piece in my head…so I’ll also sing all the different parts of the song for the different instruments (into the recorder).

Sometimes those ideas make the cut, and sometimes they don’t.  So for me, I have to really go through all my recorded ideas and pick out what really moves me the most, what haunts me…and then that is what I work on for the albums.

Sometimes I want to create a melody just by figuring it out on the spot (mining for it, essentially)…without hearing it in my head first.  It just depends on the day….Both ways are really awesome and fun to me.

Also, when it come to mantras…sometimes they come at the same time as the melodies come, and sometimes I choose (or the mantra chooses me, rather) what mantra I want to work on and then create the melody and rhythm according to what the mantra wants from me.

Same goes for the songs that I write.  I’m here on this planet to serve the mantras, to serve the Sound. And I love how my relationship with the Sound gets deeper and deeper every day….It never stops, and nor do I want it to.

Wow!  Talk about being clear about your destiny!

As a budding mantra musician myself, it’s so heartening to hear about your creative process and how the Grace of the Guru breathes and moves in you as you create!  So potent!

Share what’s new and up and coming for you?

A course on the Voice, Energy and Sound (although they are one in the same~) coming out this March, a new album this June 2015 (recorded with the same team as last year’s album) recorded on analog(tape), a bunch of touring this year, and a newly re-vamped website in a couple weeks that will also include 3 free download tracks and a new page with lyrics and meanings of mantras on it!

There’s a lot more going on this year, but I think this is enough to right for now.  Ahaha!

Wow!!!  That’s amazing!  It’s clear that your practice and your music keep you centered and flowing in grace… We are all so blessed to be on the receiving end of your brilliant creativity!

You are an inspiration to us all and we look forward with great eagerness to experiencing your gifts and the divine nectar of the naad you’ll be sharing with us all at Sat Nam Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA this coming April 8 – 12, 2015!

Simrit’s Schedule at Sat Nam Fest:

  • Saturday, April 11: Live Music for Gurmukh’s Yoga Class
  • Sunday, April 12:  Simrit in Concert

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