GuruGaneshaIn our flagship e-course The Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, GuruGanesha gives a candid discussion on how he found this practice, and how Kundalini  Yoga’s teachings altered the course of his life dramatically.

We’re lucky to have GuruGanesha‘s story and insights among lessons from over 20 world-renowned master teachers. Here’s a sneak peak of his passion for practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga, as well as performing its sacred music.

What led you to Kundalini Yoga? How did you discover this practice?

In 1972, I was looking for a way to feel good without drugs (LSD, Marijuana, etc.). Soon thereafter I went to a Kundalini Yoga class in Northampton, MA at Smith College. I immediately fell in love with the practice. It gave me an intense natural high, which enabled me to leave the drugs behind. I’m someone who needs an intense experience to feel alive so Kundalini Yoga was the perfect way to get me off the drugs and lead a much healthier lifestyle that promised a much longer happier life!

How has Kundalini Yoga changed your life?

It is as important to me as oxygen, water, food, and shelter. I’m 66 years old now, but have the vitality level and overall enthusiasm for life of a much younger person. In fact, I’m feeling that I can continue to be a vibrant contributing member of the human race for many years to come provided that I keep up with my daily Kundalini Yoga practice. I’m still rockin’ and rollin’!

What pranayam, kriya, or meditation do you find yourself always coming back to in your personal practice? Why?

10 Body Kundalini Yoga Set. It keeps my spine super supple, which Yogiji always said was the secret to staying youthful. I have the spinal flexibility of a 3-4 year old because of the daily practice. It keeps my mind super flexible as well, and my creativity level is at the highest its ever been. If you really practice Kundalini Yoga vigorously every day for at least 30 minutes, you will stay youthful and enjoy the juiciest life!

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. I practice this in my hotel room for 11 minutes early in the morning on the days that I have to deliver powerful sales training programs to large groups of salespeople for some of the top tech companies in the world. This kriya gives me optimal mental and verbal coordination and a strong aura that adds tremendous pranic force to my words, ensuring that they will have the maximum possible impact on my students.

From your perspective, how is Kundalini Yoga different than other forms of yoga?

As Russel Brand recently said, ”It’s the crack cocaine of yoga.” Having been a heavy drug user just prior to embracing Kundalini Yoga, I know exactly what he means, and I totally agree with him. The reason people get addicted to crack cocaine is because of the intense high you get almost immediately. Upon experiencing the intense natural positive high of Kundalini Yoga, I was able to substitute Kundalini Yoga for drugs, transform my life, and ensure a great future! Other forms of yoga that I tried felt good, but they weren’t powerful enough to help me transition away from drugs.

Also, it’s the perfect yoga for business jet-setters because you can transform yourself for the day quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, I only have 15 minutes for my practice when I’m on the road, but with the right Kundalini Yoga exercises I can put myself into top form in a few minutes!

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