Happy Free Music Friday from Spirit Voyage and Nirinjan Kaur!

We’ve just returned from 3HO’s Summer Solstice, where the sweet sounds of the Ether Tattva Waheguru reverberated every morning!  It was so beautiful to hear this song float over the land and we wanted to share this blissful experience with you.

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A Nirinjan Kaur album is a journey into peaceful bliss, but none more so than Prem Siri. Two years in the making, this beautiful recording features heart-opening vocals and a mastery of sacred Gurmukhi shabads and Kundalini mantra. From the first notes of “Bhaj Man Mere”, a hypnotic journey into peace, Nirinjan’s richly evocative voice will relax you and open you to a world of sweetness. Each track has its own magic, from the melodic “Sabh Karta”, the soaring “Aad Guray Nameh”, the healing “Mera Baid”, the hypnotic “Sa Re Sa Sa”, the moving “Ether Tattva Waheguru” (which was used by 3HO as the 2012 Summer Solstice Meditation), to “Poota Mata Kee Asees”, a sweet and clear prayer of motherly love. Prem Siri means Great Love, and once you hear the beautiful voice and pure heart of Nirinjan Kaur, your love for her will be great, too.

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