Dukh Par Har….From Pain to Peace

We’ve all been wounded in relationships at some point in our lives.  But hanging on to the past only holds us in a pattern of creating more of the same. In order to move beyond our pain and establish relationships grounded in love, support and peace we need to find a way to release the grasp that our past wounds have on us.

I was recently talking to Gurunam Singh about this very topic.  I explained to him that I was having a hard time letting go of some pain and hurt that I’d recently experienced. He told me to think of the situation that was causing the pain, breathe in, hold, and chant mentally Duk Par Har Sukh Ghar Le Jaae 3 times and repeat that sequence 3 times total.  It worked, of course, and I soon began to feel those old patterns that attracted the more recent experience loosening their grip on me.

Gurunam just finished a 3 month tour teaching people how to move from Pain to Peace with mantra and Kundalini yoga. His Pain to Peace tour will pick up again in a few short weeks. He’ll be touring the west coast performing live kirtan and workshops.  If you’re interested in booking Gurunam Singh in your community you can send us an email at jeanne@spiritvoyage.com.  Stay tuned to SpiritVoyage.com for more information about all of Gurunam’s upcoming events.

Enjoy this free download of Dukh Par Har to get you started on your own path from Pain to Peace.

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