In advance of its release on June 10th, we are sharing a track from Ajeet Kaur’s “At the Temple Door” for free download today.

Enjoy Ajeet’s Antarjaamee (Knower of Hearts).  Here’s the mantra, the last two lines of Kirtan Sohila, the evening prayer written by Guru Arjan Dev.

Antarjaamee purakh bidhaatae sardhaa man kee poorae
Nanak das eihai sukh maagai mo kau kar santan kee dhoorae

Knower of hearts, architect of destiny, the one who fulfills the longing of this mind.
Servant Nanak asks for this peace. Let me be the dust of the feet of the saints.

On Ajeet Kaur’s newest release, her indelible vocals weave songs and mantras over a bed of Todd Boston’s light finger-style guitar, flutes, cello, tabla and the beautiful harmonies of Snatam Kaur. An album that weaves modern musical sensibilities of this 22-year-old singing prodigy whose voice carries tones of Natalie Merchant and the Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan with ancient, time-honored mantra form, At the Temple Door is a journey through the portal of your own self, opening doors to the unknown that lies inside every heart. Let your self be gently led inside.

Click here to download!

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