Happy Free Music Friday!

We’re in a wonderful mood at Spirit Voyage today grooving to the delightful music of Aykanna.

Aykanna is a dynamic musical duo whose innovative sound will be gracing the stage of Spirit Fest this year.  Their music is profound, uplifting, energizing and simply beautiful!  Their first album “Livelight” is a smash hit, and we’re very excited that they’ve finally come out with their second album, titled “Mother”.

“Mother” has something for everyone on it, from the live Butterfly effect to the danceable Adi Shakti, which we’re sharing today for Free Music Friday.

Oh and check out Aykanna on this video of them singing “Mother…Father” from the album Mother.  We love Sukhdev and Akhadamah!


Click here to download “Adi Shakti” by Aykanna from the album Mother!

Click here to listen to and purchase all of Aykanna’s Mother!

Check out Aykanna’s first album “Livelight” here!

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